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    Walking and cycling around Kent, making things, training my Labrador, Real Ale and pork scratchings appreciator, photographing trees, extending our house, cooking chilli, eating fish 'n' chips.

About Me

I Have been working as a freelance graphic designer for many years, mostly for London clients.


When I was about 9 years old I threw a pot at the local pottery studio with the help of Tessa Oates the tutor. After working with some clay sculpture, some years later I embarked on an evening class there.


I bought and installed my Whisper-T wheel (fits perfectly into my narrow utility room) and a 70-litre top-loading electric kiln.


The variables in glazing are mind-blowing. Semi-crystal glazes showed up my lack of knowledge, but I feel I am now ready to experiment with macro-crystalline glazes, I hoping to combine them with my illustrative ceramics.


I like using a variety of clays, using slips and engobes to illustrate with a bit of sgraffito thrown in.


I'm still working towards my preferred style which will encompass a variety of techniques/methods.