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    Porcelain Enamel Firing Flaws

    Thanks John for your input. Some more technical info: The work is covered after cleaning with alcohol. I am using only enamel dedicated brushes and I am grinding dry enamel on a ceramic tile using water with a bit of gum Arabic as a medium. It is the inconsistency that is troubling . The same color areas next to each other. One is fine the other comes out as beads of glaze not a flat film of even glaze. The glaze I am using is Soda Spar 38,Whiting14, Zinc Oxide 12, OM4 6, Silica 30. The enamels are Josephine Porcelain Paints from Kathy Peterson. See two photos to show problems . Thanks John
  2. john wood ceramics

    Porcelain Enamel Firing Flaws

    I am trying to paint enamels on my cone 6 porcelain with clear glaze. Every time I test fire the enamel crawls or beads in some spots or has a rough texture and in other places is fine or dull. I clean the surface with alcohol before painting and have tried firing at cones 018 , 015 and 014 all with the same results. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks John

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