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  1. I had a teacher through high school, Greg Brantmon, who was excellent. He was a student of psychology and human behavior. He had a passion for art in general. These things combined created an effective teacher but also he was a life changing influence on everyone that I know who was lucky enough to know the man. He maintained his unique teaching style in the community classroom setting, and when we were working on pieces, or in a free work lab, he would apply the individual type of learning skills to that specific student. Furthermore, he would take the time to help us see through one another's perspective. This helped us communicate with one another and spread a collective creativeness through the classroom, I would not expect this much in depth attention and energy from every teacher. I'm just making the point that this line of thinking highlighted in this thread has been a major contributor to who I am today. I learn best from example, then imitation. I retain what I've learned best by writing highlights of what I read. I thank all of you teachers who take the time and care to be better at reaching the students. Thank You so much!
  2. Newbe Question About Firing Clay

    Thank you, this has been very helpful. I appreciate all your time.
  3. Newbe Question About Firing Clay

    Thanks Mark. I Interpret your answer as , "putting steel in clay throughout the firing process is not possible". I also wondered about metals that melt at lower temps. Can copper, brass, silver, and gold. Can shavings and small pieces be melted like a glaze while embedded in the clay? I have designs that would require the steel to be part of the piece throughout the firing process.
  4. Is it possible to make a clay pot with a steel bolt in it and fire it together? If so, are there any special tricks?