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  1. Need A Clear Satin Glaze That's Not Cloudy

    Thankyou Min, I will test it and let you know.
  2. Need A Clear Satin Glaze That's Not Cloudy

    Forgot to mention, it is for cone 04 marta
  3. Need A Clear Satin Glaze That's Not Cloudy

    Recently I saw Lisa Naples published on her Blog this satin-matt clear glaze: Frit 3134 : 40 Lithium Carb. 7 Wollastonite : 25 OM4 ( ball clay) 25 yelow ochre .5 black iron .5 I would like to try it myself, but I am wodering if Wollastonite can be substituted with whiting and quartz ? Any suggestions ? thanks, marta
  4. Borax %

    Thank you Bruce
  5. Acquired: Fulham Pottery ?oxide P184

    hi, I do have a Fulham Pottery catalogue, and sure enough as Jonh says FP, stands for Fulham Pottery, and FP 184 is Iron Oxide-red , ferric oxide. Fulham used to be at 210 New Kings Road, London SW, and I read it was established in 1671!
  6. Borax %

    Hi, I am looking for a cone 3 glaze to use over slip decoration ,on a gas kiln; the one I used contained zinc, 10 % and the brown slip came out greyish, awful. So I came up with a recipe which includes 19% borax. I¨ll be testing it, but I have a feeling it is too much borax. Here is the recipe: Potash feldspar.....45 Whiting..................11 Kaolin.....................16 Borax......................19 Zirconium siicate......9 I appreciate any advice you could give me