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  1. Oh! An apple baker is like a ring holder, but with taller sides! Now I want a baked apple!
  2. That piece is worth 3 to 5 weeks worth of work! And thank you, Pres! I looked Blender over but will really check it out when I have time this weekend. Enjoy the day! Nancy
  3. That is amazing! Just beautiful! Is the top piece solid? Clay? Looks like bone! What is this program Blender? If you work it out in a 3D program, does it give you a breakdown of template sizes? What is the advantage of Blender if it doesn’t? Thank you!!! nancy
  4. Lovely work! Thank you!!
  5. Thank you! One question: if I’m making it from 4 slabs, what do you mean when you say make the entire box as one piece? Thanks!
  6. I make a lot of urns, but I swear, one day I can center, then I cant center for a week. So I want to make square forms. Every template I see gives me 90 degree corners where slabs meet. I want a square form with somewhat rounded corners. Does that have to be thrown on the wheel and altered? I really like handbuilding and want to start making my urns like square ones with rounded corners. Thanks in advance, nancy
  7. Helene Fielder's work

    Thank you all!! So it looks like she does cone 6? I love the colors, that they are more muted, yet still colors. Gifted artist!! Nancy
  8. Who Of You Is Making Funeral Urns?

    I make dog and cat urns and once in a while, im asked to make an urn for a human. I started and ran my own dog rescue, actively, for about 5 years. I brought up around 3000 dogs and puppies from brutal, high kill shelters in the south. When I had to cut back due to financial and emotional reasons, I started making custom urns and donating the profits,to other dog rescues. I feel it is a sacred honor. The hardest urn to make was for a 15 year old girl who,died from a lung illness. It said BREATHE on it. I was fine until I was packing it. Then I cried for hours. I hope that urn brings her Mom some solace. nancy
  9. Is anyone familiar with Helene Fielder's work? I love her clay body and glazes. I read somewhere that it is high fire? It doesnt look like it is gas fired. And I'm not familar with high fire darker clays. Any info on the clay type appreciated. I'd like a darker clay body at a higher cone. Thanks!
  10. Thank you!!! Appreciated! nancy
  11. Hi all, I have a couple of handbuilding books and also some templates from some workshops online, but I'm looking for a template for a round bigger mug. Not as large as a chowder mug, but bigger than a medium rounded mug. Does anyone know where I can get one or how I can make a template? Thanks!
  12. Christmas Ornaments

    I was just sharing my experience. And kind of tongue in cheek about the shop name. I'll just slink away now.
  13. The BUSINESS of Pottery

    I would like to add in my 2 cents to what Mea said about how you are willing to live. I just decided that I probably need to put 4 more years in to my job to get a decent retirement, because there is NO WAY i will make a living with my jewelry and pottery. I had better do it for love, cause the $$ isnt there. Part of the reason is that I'm tired: I'm 55, I have been running a side business/businesses for 20 years, and I'm just exhausted when I get home from teaching. I just don't have it in me to go in my studio for 4 or 8 hours to make the number of pots I would have to make to make a living. Another reason is that after living a basically middle class life on my job for 30 years, I don't want to have to give things up to do this full time. That makes me feel bad, and shallow, but I like my lifestyle. It's pretty simple, but I don't want for much. And I have insurance for life. And I can afford to take workshops and keep learning, and I love learning! I think this is why so many artists are teachers. But I started this only 7 years ago, then fell in love with metalsmithing jewelry, too, so there arent enough hours in my days to do it all. Sad. But I finally have admitted it. I can't quit the day job until I'm 60.
  14. I have done a few shows that cost $500 for 2 to 3 days. No more. I am sticking to shows at my level that are more local and less expensive. Easier to make my $$ back.