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  1. Wow!! That’s cool! I was thinking of wood if I used a barrel but I need to get a glue cut in the top of a barrel I have. Thanks, nancy
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will do that. Nancy
  3. Do you know anything about the electric raku kilns on the market? Thank you, Mark!
  4. Thank you, Neil. What if they are in a clay pot?
  5. Hi, Two questions, please: - can I do a saggar in my regular electric kiln? I’m in a bind and can’t get it done at the studios I usually go to. AND - has anyone tried the “top hat” electeic raku kilns? I’m looking to buy my own so I don’t have to depend on anyone else, cause that always screws me up. I already have a Skutt kiln and the electric is in place already. Thanks much, nancy
  6. Thank you, Callie!! I like the oranges, which I assume are the "toastier" side, and I like the more rough or pitted look, so I assume that is the stoneware for me!! Thanks!
  7. I had cracked handles of the time with B mix. I switched to other stoneware clays and haven't had any issues, knock wood. Maybe your clay is tempermental? I attach handles when the mug is pretty Wet. I trim kind of wet, too, but even when the piece is drier and I’m using wetter handles, they havent cracked. I don’t use magic water or slip. I just really scratch the heck out of the clay and then put water on it. I really press the two pieces together! Is easy, no fuss and works. Good luck!
  8. I took a workshop with Steven Hill and single firing worked great with his glazes, but when I tried to do it with commercial glazes, everything came out with pinholes, or “lumpy,” just horrible. Ugh. I followed his schedule, so maybe a different schedule may have worked. nancy
  9. Thank You for all that advice! I can see I have a lot to learn before attempting building anything! nancy
  10. Thank you for that advice. I’m going to a soda fire next month! I’m very excited! Is there a particular clay 10 clay type I should get for soda fire? nancy
  11. Thank you for all of this information! I have a lot to learn and read about! Exciting technique! I can't wait to learn!
  12. Thanks, Neil. I’m not building anything now, and I found someone who,does soda firings and I’m going to go participate? If I love it, I do have room to build one - i didnt realize how expensive it would be!
  13. Yes, I guess it is wood! Thank you! I’ll check out the book.
  14. The reason I make things to use and buy other potters’ work is that they bring beauty and some soul into everyday life. The world can be an ugly, tough place, and we need all the beauty we can get. Some people like my mother dont understand this at all and never will. She isn't who I make things for. nancy
  15. Hi all, I came across the work of Gail Nichols and other potters like Tom Coleman and fell in love! I love the oranges, and the different color combos. I know a few things I have been able to pick up - that Gail’s technique is tough on kilns and not done too frequently, and that flashing slips are used in some soda firings, but before I buy Gail’s book, I think I need to understand soda firing better. I searched here and came up with a bit, but not much, so are there any good resources for beginners to learn? Basic questions: to get the variety of colors and kind of cratered surface like Gail and Coleman get, are different slips put on, or does the fire and soda do that? So e potters have dark spots or geometric shapes on the surface - are they painted on with glazes? I understand you can use glazes with soda firings - are they the same as cone 10 reduction glazes? And one last question - what is this big metal thing these people use to build a soda kiln? (Caution for office dwellers - loud music on this video.) thank you for any help for an inttigued beginner! nancy
  16. Hi, Thanks for sharing your struggles! I have paid for coaching. I have paid for group lessons, and private lessons, but at a certain weight of clay, it always falls apart. And sometimes falls apart at a lesser weight of clay. I have been throwing regularly, and that seems to help. Nanc
  17. Thanks! I find that too. If I have the wheel too fast, the clay just knocks me around.
  18. Thank you Pres, for sharing your experience and wisdom. I have been throwing the last few days, and already see improvements!! I'm going to keep doing it for the next few weeks. Will update! Nancy
  19. I see what you are saying. I will try this whenI get home tomorrow. Thank you! nancy.
  20. I didnt do the math for 1260C, but I have never heard of green glazes being not food safe. I fire to cone 5/6 and have regularly used green glazes. One combo is cerulean on the bottom layer and celadon froth on top - but it’s runny. Some other choices are Amaco Potter’s Choice and Celadons. A nice combo is Rainforest down with Textured Turquoise above and Rainforest down with Oatmeal above. There is a group on Facebook called Amaco cone 5/6 where people share their combinations and tests. They are very nice and generous. Good luck! nancy
  21. Oh, thanks. I always thought that when we fired in the raku kiln with the propane in class it was reduction. Duh. It’s just a different source of heat. Thanks!
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