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  1. I'm referring to the firing of bisque with sawdust, and copper, etc. You put copper wire on the piece, also. It isn't glazed.
  2. Yes, i could do that. Black underglaze woukd be good. Maybe an engobe?
  3. I don't know! Im not really up on how saggar works. I learned to do it, but i dont know what would leave a mark and what wouldn't?
  4. Hi all, I make custom urns with names impressed into them like the greenish bluish one shown. A woman wants an urn saggar'd like the one shown, and wants a name impressed. I have never done this before, and dont know if the name will come out a funky odd color and if where the name is imoressed will. Be a weak point, and perhaps crack in the saggar process? Has anyone imprinted something into a saggar pot? Can it be done? If so, concerns? I let her know I was not sure about this at all, but I'd check. Thanks!! Nancy
  5. You might try this, Nancy...Get a dowel stick or other rod the diameter of the inside of your spout and wrap a couple of times with newspaper. DON"T tape the newspaper to the rod, but do tape the outside to itself just to hold it together. You should be able to slide the paper a little on the rod. Roll out a slab to the thickness and length of the spout, then wrap the clay around the dowel, joining it to make the tube that will become the spout. Practice a little so you can get the spout looking like you want. After the clay is a soft leather hard and you can handle it without breaking it, pull the rod through the tube and out. The paper will stay inside the clay tube you have made, but you don't have to worry about that now. When the clay dries, you will be able to pull the paper out. What doesn't come out will burn off in the firing. I used this method to make stems for some yard-art mushrooms and it worked well. ​The left over spouts, if you have any, you can dry and fire and make wind chimes with them. An alternative to this method would be to go to an auto supply store and buy an oil funnel which is long and tapered and use it to wrap your slabs around. JohnnyK Great ideas! Thank you!
  6. Yes, it is! She has been making pottery for years, by young, I meant 30s! She throws super fast, and does a lot of surface decoration. She is very artistic. I suggested she add simple things like this to her repertoire, things that can fly off the shelves. I also like these because even someone who doesn't have a lot of money can buy something special for themselves.
  7. Hi again! So I'm up to the spout! I imagine I need to handbuild the spout, as how could such a tall and narrow spout be thrown? And I dont have an extruder die that puts out a narrow and hollow tube. Thanks!
  8. I have made a few - they are absolutely a work in progress!!! I'm trying to post a pic!!
  9. I looked up this thread and shared it with an immensely talented younger potter looking to make a living at it. I hope she joins Ceramicartsdaily. There is such generously shared knowledge here!
  10. Thanks for you throughts. Yes, I am always rushing. That is probably the issue with my throwing.
  11. OK, I will do. I'm going into my basement right now and throwing for an hour. Slower and drier. Good! Nancy,did you notice any difference? any more control? Marcia Hi Marcia, I threw for quite a few hours. I'm good under 3 pounds. Then I did about 4 to 5 pounds, and I think perhaps I didn't wedge it enough, because when I brought it up, I felt a "corkscrew" in the middle of the height. I tried and tried to get it out, but couldnt'. I then just cut it down with my needle tool. Things like this always happen when I throw! It is so frustrating!!
  12. Hi, I have taken lessons from a great teacher for years, and another great teacher recently. It's me. I think I go too fast. I find getting the forms to stay together hard in handbuilding. Also, when I texture the slab, then go to put it around a form, it's cracking. I think it's just practice, trial and error. I'm always in a rush, cause I work full time and have a lot of urn orders, so the time to make fun things for me is so limited. And I would love to make masks!! OH NO!! Another shiny object for me to try!! LOL!
  13. OK, I will do. I'm going into my basement right now and throwing for an hour. Slower and drier. Good!
  14. Thanks for the info, Mark. And I will send your friend good healing. I do some shamanic reiki, so I will send him good energy later today.
  15. Wow!!!! Love his work and his colors!!!!! I die!! Does he fire at cone 10? Looks like it. If i could make pottery like that, with thise colors, I would be happy to do nothing else!
  16. BTW, what clay body can take the stress of handbuilding taller teapots? I have local access to Laguna clay. Thanks! Nancy
  17. Thanks, Mark. I do get distracted by the shiny new thing. Perhaps if imsat down every day for an hiur and threw, I would be able to do it. I find that once I start pulling, especially, time speeds up and I lose control of the clay. Ugh. It happens over and over. What is your friend's name? His work is awesome!
  18. I agree, and I'm a teacher for 25 years. But at what point do I tell a student who just really sucks at poetry to maybe try writing prose? I have literally been trying to be able to throw a little bigger for 5 of my 6 years making pottery! And since I tried that for so long and failed over and over, i am just starting handbuilding, which has its own learning curve! And i wasnt clear that I don't care if the forms are twisted, i was just wondering about making even straight sided, smaller teapot forms with an extruder. Thank you!
  19. You might check into a book on extruding to get an idea of what you can do with the tool. If it is inspiring enough, get an extruder that will enable you to do what you want and have at it. My feeling is that if there is something that will help you achieve what you strive for and you can afford it, go for it!JohnnyK thanks Johnny K!
  20. Thanks for the ideas! And I'm in the etsy mud group with a top seller on etsy who makes small dishes with a slab roller. Probably the same person!! She is a machine herself!!
  21. I've been practicing throwing for 6 years and anything over 4 pounds or so I can't center and wreck when I'm pulling up. It's more than a little frustrating at this point. Thanks for ,the suggestions.
  22. But i don't have an extruder. Am thinking of buying one, but don't know if I'd find enough to make to make it worth it. BTW, I am not good at throwing and I'm finding handbuilding quite challenging, so extruding may help my pottery life.
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