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  1. I'm swallowing my pride and asking cause I have been playing with this, and I can't figure it out. Let's say I take a greenware pot and carve into it. I want to have one color in the carvings, and another on the surface. I understand how to get the first color into the recesses, then wipe away the color from the areas that are not recessed. How do I get color on the unrecessed areas without messing up the color in the recesses?? I thought of wax, but sometimes I have hundreds of dots, or squiggles, etc. It would take forever. Do you bisque fire the greenware with the first color in the recesses and then add the second color? Another issue I'm having trouble with: I put black underglaze (or engobe) on greenware and carved through it. I then put underglaze on the piece and wiped away the extra. Much of the black came off as well, showing the raw clay. Do you put the second color on after bisquing? I can't get a neat and clean look no matter what way I did it. Thanks - I know these seem basic, but I'm playing with adding colors and having a lot of questions/failures. Nancy
  2. I ordered my extruder 10 days ago, I'm waiting anxiously for it!! I can't wait to make parts for a totem pole and wall pockets for flowers!! I think I'm going to order the extruder video from here, also. Great die!! Love it!! I ordered the hollow ones, cause I torment my husband enough with making things for me!! nancy
  3. I have trouble with the purples, too. They really fade. I'm doing some test tiles, with more coats of the purple to see if that makes it better. Nancy
  4. Hi, No, I didn't use cones. I should, but don't. My kiln took a LONG time to get to Cone 5 - about 12 hours. Usually, it takes about 7 hours on medium speed. It was on the middle shelf, however, which seems like it would be the hottest spot in the kiln. So refiring at cone 6 won't fix this? Is there a fix? It was a custom order. Thank you, nancy
  5. Hi, No, not a new jar, and I stirred it and thinned it, also. Thanks!
  6. Hi, This is a commercial Ketchup glaze below, Cerulean above. Previously, it came out beautifully, but the last two firings i got pitting. I am firing to cone 5, and there were no pits or bumps or any mats in the glaze when it went into the kiln. I got some pitting in this big plate, also. These are Potters Choice glazes, layered. Why does this happen and how can I stop it? Thanks, Nancy
  7. I followed you until i marked the area and wallered it out? Did you mean hollowed it out? Also, when i make the bowl, and when i attach the bowl to the stem, how/where do I put an opening hole in the bowl? Thank you!
  8. So how many holes are in the bowl? I don't have a pipe to look at to figure it out. Thank you! Nancy
  9. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make a pipe for legal smoking. Like the glass pipes, but clay, of course. I cant figure out where to put the hole in the bowel - most look like the hole is on the bottom, but how do you get that attached to a hole coming in from the handle on the side? I can't tell from pics and the few tutorials were confusing. Thanks! Nancy
  10. Thank you!! What a great idea!! Nancy
  11. Hi all, I know I've asked this before, but I have committed to a 3 day show. It is pretty big, a higher end NYC weekend crowd. I am going to bring functional pottery, some oil diffuser pendants and necklaces. I make a lot of urns, and I'm going to do keepsake jars, that can be done for any kind of keepsake: birth, weddings, etc. and using my metalsmithing for small metal tags I can stamp with an initial right there. So, how many of each do you make for a biger Three day show? I plan to have lots of smalls, cause I know not everyone wants to soend $25 on a mug but will soend $5 on a Spoonrest or soap,dish. mugs Keepsake jars, all sizes Refrigerator magnets Spoon rests Soap,dishes (extruded) Small bowls Bigger bowls Platters of various shales and sizes, handbuilt Canisters Honey jars Garlic keepers Sets of,plates, handbuilt Etc. I know, it depends, but i am looking for general numbers. Thanks! Nancy
  12. Yes, failure sure does find you! Just rejected for the second year in a row from a big show people say I MUST get into! This is the kind of thing that makes me realize i will not be retiring from teaching any time soon, which makes it very hard to get better at the craft. And, yes, i get rejected from small shows, too. There are just so many hours in a day, and home at 5, dinner, grading papers, maybe an hour or so of pottery, bed at midnight, up at 6. Weekends often traveling to my elderly mother's 5 hours away. I'm exhausted. So when another rejection comes, i just want to go lie down and never look at clay or jewelry again.
  13. Good morning, I am kind of in the same boat as you are - i have a crazy busy vet near me they said I could hang a flyer with my urns, or I could do a Facebook ad like someone here told me, but what if I get a ton or orders? I still have trouble throwing over 3 pounds, plus I still work full time. So i haven't done anything but add a shopify stand along site to etsy. I am tying my work into my spiritual practice, which is shamanism. Lots of power animals, etc. i have been handbuilding a lot more, took an animal sculpture lesson. I just never have time. It is the one thing i wish i had more of. I did apply to, and got into, a pretty big show near me, so i have to make stuff for that. I'm making Keepsake Urns, colorful, for all occasions: births, marriage, graduations, deaths. I can sell them at a show as is. I have been making medicine bags to go with some of these urns if they want it. So I am slowly puloing all of my passions together. The chicken idea is good. Find a niche. My friends rescues ferrets, and tells me she know hundreds of ferret owners who would love a handbuilt ferret bath house! I just can't even explore that right now. Another woman on etsy wanted to give up her niche of making discs for canning - she did 3 or 4 thiusand a year in just that. I still make some jewelry, too, so I am working on incorporating that into the pottery, too. The amazing thing is that I was really liking silversmithing more, but I fell back in love with clay - i think it is the connection with Mother Earth that gets me. I just have to be able to center again. I have you phone number still - would you still want to talk! Nancy
  14. Hi all, Just rereading this thread and wanted to comment and thank you all for the amazing advice found here!! You are all very generous! Nancy
  15. That is interesting that you say that about making what you love. In this video I've watched several times, the woman said that making just what we love is a surefire way to fail. And I do get that in a way. But I have been making urn after urn, and it made me not want to do pottery at all any more. So I think there needs to be a happy medium, maybe? Having said that, I could be 100% wrong, cause I know nothing about making a living from pottery!! Thanks!
  16. It's a handmade product line video and blog. Setting up product lines and marketing them. It's not just for potters. It's for any handmade products. I'm asking, because I'm not sure if all the seasons would apply. I can see Winter (Christmas) and Summer/Spring, but like I said, I am flummoxed over 4 seasons!
  17. As the snow flies outside, I'm looking at a simple bird feeder I made last year hanging in y big window, and thinking about seasonal lines. I know that I need to have a base product line: urns, keepsake jars, kitchen goods, some ceramic jewelry. But I have been doing research and it indicates that a seasonal line should be created and marketed every season. I have to say, I'm somewhat flummoxed as what to create for a Fall and Spring line. I think bird feeders, birdhouses, they can go Spring or Summer. Frog houses would be summer, as would windchimes, etc. But beyond that, I'm not sure what items would be in those categories. So I guess what I'm asking is: - do you have seasonal product lines and, if so, every season - where do you get your ideas for each season? Thanks, nancy
  18. I agree not your problem, that said be careful how you handle as this could make or break your relationship with the gallery and piss off a future customer.. IMHO I would just eat the cost all the way around, that way the Gallery owner wont hold it against you ( not that its your fault) and the customer will most likely still shop at that gallery and potentially buy more then they normally would because they want to support the gallery. Lets not forget word of mouth of the customer telling other potential customer not to shop their because they will have to pay is an accident happens. my2c I agree with this. I don't yet make my living doing this, but sometimes good will is a lot more than $100 or even a couple of hundred dollars. I'd go for the good will. YOu will surprise and delight the gallery owner and the customer. They will make it up to you. Nancy
  19. HI Mark, Would you send me these plans? I am going to do my first pottery show this May, and I'm looking for my husband to make me some displays. Thanks much, Nancy jibahoy @ gmail.com (no spaces)
  20. I hate peanuts and they are terrible for the environment. I bubble wrap (also bad for the environment, but totally reusable) and the use shredded paper. Thankfully, things ship fine. And much better for Mother Earth.
  21. I don't know anything about this topic, but wanted to tell you I LOVE your dog mug!!!
  22. I've had good teachers and i still can't center more than 3 pounds of clay or so. I think I'm just a bad student.
  23. doesnt acknowledge i bought one? I know this isnt where to post this, but i cant even find a place to contact anyone. Thanks, Edit - i have a couple of emails. Can this be deleted? Thank you.
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