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  1. Thank you, all, for your information and advice - I appreciate you sharing your har-dearned knowledge with me, Nancy
  2. Thanks, Mea! I am convinced - I like to understand what is going on with the timing and the glazes and from what you said, with the computerized one, you can really be specific. It should be fun!! Nancy
  3. Hi, I bought a kiln that is supposed to go to Cone 6. It is supposed to go higher, so it is not working properly. I have looked on Craigslist, that is where I bought my dud!! The L&L was just sold, so I would have to either find another used, or buy new. I have never talked to anyone who has kept a kiln log when I found them on craigslist, so I doubt I will able to see one when I buy. Thank you for your information, Nancy
  4. Hi all, I am doing pottery for almost two years, and I have a shop in which I sell local artisan's goods. I do sell some of my simple stuff, such as small garden markers and wind chimes, easy stuff that I cannot mess up! I have a wheel and just bought a slab roller, because that small stuff does sell, and it is fun to make. I bought an old kiln that I asked about here a few weeks ago, and while it will bisque my work, it won't get to Cone 6. My pottery teacher looked at my stuff and the celadon-glazed bowl almost got to what it should look like and said the glaze we use is Cone 4, so my kiln is getting to around Cone 4. My witness cones of 5 and 6 never bent over, and I kept the kiln on for something like 18 hours. Supervised, of course. I just missed a L&L kiln at my local ceramics shop, used, perfect shape, with a kiln sitter, for $800. The next least expensive model they have is about $1900, a Skutt 1018. Others are on order, but won't be in for a while. I like to buy locally, because the owner is great at troubleshooting. Questions: do I need a computerized kiln, I do work outside the house, but don't think I would ever put a kiln on and leave it. I did like learning about how a kiln works, and the glazes,how much time, at what temp, etc. I don't know that if I had a computerized model from the start, if I would have learned anything, and I do like to learn. I do want to fire to Cone 6, because I make a lot of bowls, mugs, plates for my family and friends as presents. (Poor people! I have been experimenting on them for two years now!) I do feel I need a kiln, as I make a lot, and sooner or later my pottery teacher is going to ban my filling up her kiln with my stuff. It is for me, and some for sale, so I feel I should use my own dime, although she has been very generous about it all. The biggest things I make are platters, and some toad houses at this point, but I do love to throw big bowls!! Any suggestions or advice would be gratefully accepted - thank you! Nancy
  5. Hi all, Thanks for all of the advice and knowledge! I knew it wasn't a good idea to open the lid, but I didn't know about the hot air and electricity!! Yikes!!! I did line up the full-sized cones with the peepholes, but still couldn't see them. I could not make them out. Tricks??? Finally, around 9:30PM, after the kiln fired for 12 hours on high, I turned it off. When I opened it this morning, all of the glazes had fired to how they look when my teacher does them, except that neither of the cone 5 cones had bent over. So it appears the kiln is getting hot, hot enough to fire the glazes properly, which are cone 5 glazes, but not hot enough to bend the cones over. Is this even possible??? Thank you again for your generously given advice, Nancy
  6. Hi, I have an old Skutt kiln - I went to the ceramics store and bought those stand-alone cones at Cone 5, and took the extra ring out of my old kiln as the ceramic shop owner told me to do. I have a lot of flat things in the kiln, a Cone 6 cone in the sitter, a stand-alone cone 5 cone on top and bottom shelves. I started at 7AM, 1/2 hour on low, 2 hours on medium, since 9:30AM on high, it is now 6:10PM, almost 9 hours on high. I couldn't see in the peephole (OK, how does anyone do that) so I opened the top quickly and the cone 5 cone isn't bent even a little!! So...does it sound like my elements are shot? I can bisque, no problem, but I don't think it is getting to cone 5. Do I just give it more time?? If I can't see in the peephole, how can I tell if the cone 5 cone bent without opening the top. Help!! Please!! Nancy
  7. Hi, Thank you for the information and help, Nancy
  8. Hi all, I am fairly new to this pottery adventure, and in the studio where I learn, we use clay that is glazed and fired to Cone 6, stoneware. I love the colors, but we mostly dip and pour. I got a few books out of the library, and I am blown away at what some artists do on earthenware!!! I think my favorite is Jane Cox of London. Question: is her type of glazing only able to be done on earthenware, or can you do it on B-Mix and the 60 and 80 clays we have (and I don't know if that is the formal name or not. Sorry.) And are there any good resources I can find that will give me an idea of how it is done? Thank you in advance! Nancy
  9. Hi, I got a Clay Boss about 6 months ago, and I don't use it much because it is in a very cold room!! But I really love it when I use it, and I am so glad I bought it!! It is therapy for me on bad days, and a joy on good days!! Enjoy!! Nancy
  10. Nancy, I think you should use the Kiln Sitter in addition to witness cones. Did you center the cone on the two cone supports? Is the rod on top of the cone? The cone should not fall out if it is installed that way. Before firing the kiln, you should also adjust the Kiln Sitter with a firing gauge. You should use large cones as witness cones. It is important that they are slanted 8 degrees, or they will not bend accurately. Sincerely, Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com Thank you, Arnold! I just played with the kiln sitter and the cone didn't fall out this time! And I put some cones in near a peephole,too. I want to understand the timing and process, not just hit a button and walk away, Nancy
  11. Hi all, I had my kiln set up in the garage, so that is good. I fired my first bisque firing in this older Skutt kiln, and it was on for about 7 hours - an hour on low with lid open, an hour on low with lid closed, an hour on medium and then about 4 hours on high, because it never turned off. I turned it off manually, and hoped it had bisqued. When I unloaded the kiln today (not full at all, really just playing right now) the cone had fallen out, which is why it never turned the kiln off. When I went to try just now, when I set the cone and push the external button, the cone falls out. So I decided to try the old fashioned way, just like I learned to take photos on a Pentax K1000, and set up witness cones. I honestly would rather do this manually to get a feel of time and process, I have zero patience with technology that doesn't work. So, I don't have actual witness cones, so if I make a set-up, can I place them in clay during a cone 6 glaze firing?? Is that OK? I am new here, and experimenting and learning, but I don't want the clay to blow all over the glazed pieces!! Thanks in advance, Nancy
  12. Hi, I was wondering about that patio idea also. We usually have 3 to 6 feet of snow outside by this time, and we go down to 20 below zero. That can't be good for a kiln, can it?? The room I am putting it in is not heated, and is an old barn, attached to the house. Very drafty already, even without outside venting!! It can be closed off from the rest of the house by two doors. Thanks, Nancy
  13. Hi Marcia, Thank you for your advice - I am not sure what spacers are, though? Sorry, I am new to this! Nancy
  14. Hi all, I am getting the wiring put in for an older Skutt kiln today, and I am putting it in a spare room - for electrical reasons, I cannot put it in the garage. I have a wooden floor, polyurethaned, in the room. Is this safe? If not, can I put the kiln on some ceramic tiles, or a slab of granite, etc., for safety? Thanks in advance for your help, Nancy
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