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  1. Fish with wings, castles growing out of human heads, people hanging on to the backs of birds... doesn't ceramics bring out the inner child in most of us? My husband would certainly trhink so. Apart from making whimsical sculptures what I stil have fun with is moviing rocks and damming up the stream at the back of our property. I can spend hours raising the water level by 1/2" and making little channels for fish to navigate! My grandchildren used to help but now they just say: "Oh grandma....." But they still help!
  2. I'm loving this thread! As a nursing student in 50's England, you either passed or failed - no-one told you why either way (although we could usually figure it out!). When i started pottery classes with a wonderful and talented studio potter in my 50's, I instantly fell in love with clay, but it wasnt until my first week long workshop that i first learned how valuable a good critique could be... I mean the kind that asks questions about your work and how you, as an artist can develope it, and where you want to go with it. Many classes (and years!) later I still value a critique that helps me grow as an artist. Probably my best critiques come when other artists buy my work - the worst when people walk into my booth and tell me they "love my work, but are trying to downsize"!
  3. I've tried the gold and had the same disappointing results as most of these posts (a metallic black). On one piece where the glaze was thick because it ran down the side of the pot, I did get a gold/bronze drip which was quite nice. Figure I'll try again with a thick application. I fired to >6 with a >06 bisque.
  4. I agree with jbo. i was taught to throw left handed (clockwise) by a right handed potter who thought it would be easier for me. All her demos were on a wheel spinning counterclockwise - i never had a problem learning from her or any other righties who have shared their techniques with me over the years. As for all the other adaptations we lefties have to contend with - beside 3-ring binders - don't get me started! Ever think about a pair of scissors?
  5. I'm looking for a clear or white crackle glaze that will fire to Cone 5/6. It's for a sculptural tile/mosaic piece I had originally planned to raku fire. But i was afraid I would lose some of the smaller pieces in the reduction process (Some of them are pretty small!) so I changed my mind - I've already glazed some of the tiles with >6 glazes, but still want the crackle effect on other tiles. What will happen if i use a clear raku crackle glaze? I had never thought of this until I read Doug gray's article on digital transfer technique. I'm assuming Doug fires his tile to >06, which would work since that's a raku temperature. Nothing Like planning ahead.......!!!
  6. dream-keeper-1.jpg

    Beautiful! Love the liner design and colors!
  7. Dipping Paper Resisted Items?

    I've used the sticky back shelf lining - stays in place and works great!