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  1. I have decided to be more disciplined this year. Right now I'm making 12 of everything. Not sure why I chose the number 12, actually. For example, my sister's husband requested a custom mug (he has very large hands and wants something that he can hold comfortably), so I made 12 mugs. Of course I got interested in the challenge and forgot to incorporate extra-large handles, so I'll have to go back and make a thirteenth mug. It was a very good way to experiment with new techniques and learn more about form and balance. Now I want to enter the next Baltimore Clayworks exhibition (http://www.baltimoreclayworks.org/exhibition/exhibition_gallery/14/Shake_It_Baby.html) which is all salt and pepper shakers, so I am making 12 salt and pepper sets! I'll try to post pics when I can wrestle my phone away from my ten-year-old.
  2. Cracks In Slip

    I'm assuming that's what jrgpots meant--like a lidded container with plaster in the bottom.
  3. Cracks In Slip

    It's not a stupid question. I do wrap the cup up in plastic immediately after applying the slip. I think the bases of the mugs are a little thicker than the walls--I hadn't thought of that. I'll try to make them more consistent. I'll try the sweat box idea too. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi all, would love some advice with the following problem. I have recently been handbuilding mugs and I've tried using a thin slip to even out the interiors. The slip is made from the same body as my clay, just strained through a mesh to take out grog and lumps. It's the consistency of cream. I pour it in when the mug is leather-hard, swirl it around, pour it back out and let the mug dry upside down for a while. The problem is that the slip cracks around the edge of the base where it joins the sides. The question is, what am I doing wrong? Is the consistency of the slip too thick or too thin? Do I need to add a deflocculant? Am I applying the slip when the clay is already too dry? I didn't have this problem when I was applying the slip with a brush, but I really like the smoothness of the poured slip layer and would like to figure out a way to use this technique without cracking!
  5. Painting / Trailing Surfaces

    I've read that glycerin is supposed to make glazes more flowing. That's something I want to try since I want to start combining my calligraphy with my ceramics and I don't want my brush to run out of glaze in the middle of a word! Has anyone else tried glycerin? Some artists use syringes from the medical industry for slip/glaze trailing as they get a very fine, controlled line with those. It's an interesting idea but I'm not sure where I would get medical syringes.
  6. Canvas For Wedging Boards

    Just so you know, Joann fabrics does have very heavy duty canvas--in their upholstery section. I got a nice big piece very cheaply because it was the end of the roll.
  7. You definitely need to "brand" yourself. Everything about your online "storefront" needs to be cohesive: Your name, banner, fonts, items, photos, photo backdrops, "about" page, marketing...Think about businesses that are extremely successful today. GAP. Tiffany & Co. Starbucks. Pier One. When you hear one of those names a jolt of recognition goes through you. Everything you see/hear/smell/touch/taste in the store makes you think, "Yeah, that belongs there." It also helps if you specialize and target a particular kind of consumer. When I first opened my Etsy store, I put up all the work I had lying around the house, most of it made at least five years ago (I hope my skills have improved!) The items that sold the fastest were two sheep soap dishes, so I made twenty-five more (does that qualify me as a production potter?) and poured a plaster mold to make them easier. I'm going to package them with handmade goat's milk soap because it turns the soap dish into a nice gift, and I'm thinking about taking down my old work and devoting my shop to soap and soap dishes for a while. I read in an article that bath/beauty products and craft supplies are some of the most fast-selling categories on Etsy. Does anyone know if that's true?