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    Woodwork, metal work, stained glass, farm, small engine, garden. Never tried pottery/ceramics so I joined this site to see if there was an answer to my bright glaze problem, (first post). You experts came through like champs. Thanks
  1. Dulling Glaze

    Sorry I did not tell you anything about me - I do woodwork, metalwork, small engine repair, play around on my farm, have done stained glass and a few other things. Have never got into pottery or ceramics so I came to the experts in this field to see if there was a solution to my problem - Thanks for the replies
  2. Dulling Glaze

    Have 6 wall decoration tiles with Wine themes. I would like to hang them in the bar and dining area. Problem is they have a very bright glaze which does not fit the other décor. Is there any way to dull the glaze without hurting the colors?