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I am a Handbuilder and have been since my start in 2004. When I first started in Ceramics I tried to throw but I never got the hang of centering the clay and dropped the class I was taking (back then I was really concerned about getting a good grade in the class). Now, as it turns out, I do not have access to or the money to buy a wheel so it was a good thing I did not get hooked. I do plan to eventually purchase a wheel but in the meantime I will be focusing on Handbuilding functional pieces such as plates, bowls, cups, etc and sculptural pieces.


At this current moment I am working on reorganizing my tiny little studio in a spare bedroom in my house but do not want to put a lot into it because I plan to eventually move my studio out to the garage where my kiln is located. I have been doing research on what I might need to make the drafty, non-insulated, unfinished garage into a studio for me and a work space for my husband and have been asking for input from other artists about what they have and would like to have.


In addition to working on my studio, I am working on creating a website or blog and have been doing some research into which route I want to take and which method would fit with my current budget (unemployed).



Beyond my passion for ceramics and other fine arts I have my Masters of Science in College Student Personnel. I attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and studied with some the most highly regarded professionals in my field. Unfortunately, I graduated at a time when many Higher Education Institutions were experiencing rather large budget cuts so the amount of positions available versus the amount of graduates in my field worked against me. Thank gosh for clay :-).


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