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  1. Small Electric Kilns

    I tried a test piece.....It exploded at 318 degrees!!!
  2. Small Electric Kilns

    Thank you Chris
  3. Small Electric Kilns

    Thanks for the advice, so will the clay be fine firing this fast?
  4. Small Electric Kilns

    Sorry, it is a R14-S electric kiln firing to 1000C (1832F) There is an electric programme on there to set times and I am using thin white earthenware clay for the pendants, I'm hoping to fire as fast as I can. Thanks for getting back to me Denice
  5. Hi there, I'm new to here and am hoping someone can help. I recently purchased a small electric kiln. I make little pendants for jewellery and am wondering if I can fire these faster as they are small and thin and the kiln is small. Any words of wisdom would be muchos appreciated