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    I have been making pottery for 15 years. I do some production orders and art/ craft shows. I am owner and potter at Blind Horse Pottery (like Blind Horse on Facebook)
  1. Thank you both for such good advice- I do feel better now. It is easy for someone like me to think that no one exagerates their earnings to other venders. There is so much involved- psychology, representation, merchandising..... Wow. I think I need a minion with a business degree. I have so much to learn- I need to get creative with the set up and placement of items. I liked the idea of the mailing list. I did have a couple repeat customers from another show I did. Thank you again for your quick and expert advice. I will reread often.
  2. I did a great show this weekend. I made $1000.00. The best show I have ever had but this is what I dont understand. As I talk to other venders they made WAY more than I did. I dont understand what happened here. Please give advice if you can. I have been throwing for 15 years- I am good at what I do so it isnt a beginning potter issue. I am a come back potter- took a break from pottery to work teaching fourth graders for a few years. So my customers are NEW. My prices were competitive with the other potters in the show. And compared with other venders my stuff was pretty nice middle to upper middle in quality to other venders there. (Really I am not a concieted person and it takes a lot to write that my stuff is such quality) I have three basic colors- flashy blue- earthy one- and flowing beutiful one I love. I am a personable person- I dress pretty nice, am outgoing talking to the customers on a wide range of topics, I put up with well meaning advice well. and Tolerate those who need tolerating- I taught Fourth grade and survived parents. We live in south east AZ so I can understand the economy is down but the other venders made $1000 in a day. What am I doing wrong? Please help I like what I do and want to continue. Linda- The one who doesnt want to endup selling resale at a carnival.