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  1. Slip Cast Stoneware

    Thanks for your help guys! Really appreciate it! I went to a pottery supply store and they also recommended that I just throw it on the wheel. They said I can cut different templates to keep the outer shape constrained. The problem with that is I have 0 experience on the wheel and I don't know anyone who's willing to do it for me. Another question I had was how thick should the walls be if it's 3" diameter by 8" tall stoneware piece? I'll go to the ceramics department again and see if I can find someone. Thanks again!
  2. Slip Cast Stoneware

    Peter, Thanks for your help! Basically I need the outer dimensions of the cup to be as accurate as possible. I know it's not easy if not impossible to control the dimensions of the outer wall on the wheel (unless you're jollying). I think slipcasting would be best for my purpose since I can just make a mold and cast the piece. I just need help with the slip recipe for stoneware. I'm aware that I won't be able to get the texture that you see on hand thrown pieces but I'm OK with that. I have all the resources available to me.. The ceramics department said I can come in and use their studio for anything I need. I have 3 weeks to make this thing. Denice, could you tell me the name of the manufacturer? I haven't been able to find any pre mixed stoneware slip. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm an Industrial Design student with no knowledge in ceramics. I need to cast a cup in stoneware and need help with that. I went to the ceramics department at my school but they didnt have any knowledge about slip casting stoneware. I really love the look and feel of stoneware and the cup I'm making will be assembled with injection molded parts so the tolerances have to be as tight as possible.. that's the reason I have to slip cast it. Any help would be appreciated.