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  1. Does any body know where I can get a hold of a splash pan for a creative industries hp model. Just in case I cannot get a hold of one; does anybody have any tips on how to get or modify a splash pan that could work for it? Does anybody know of the wheel can be changed from plastic to steel?
  2. Latex Removal

    the thing is that I want to glaze the whole thing. or do you think that if i fire them at bisque once again they could absorb the glaze? i know wax can be burn off in a stove oven and leave no residue, but I am not aware that you can do the same with latex.
  3. Hello everyboy, my name is roberto and I have decided that i am giving another go to ceramics. i am not that bad, but i would say barely decent at it. Any was i have some leftover bisqueware from about 6-7 years that has some latex and i want to strip it off. Now the latex is amonia based and has been sitting on the pieces all those years and i can't seem to remove it. I know i can probably grind it of, but is there any other ways to remove latex?