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  1. Spots On My Bisque

    The slip I make is basically one part ball clay kt14 to two parts talc, soda ash and sodium silicate. I had considered that some stuff was not burning off completely and that was my first thought when I saw the marks. Can the bisque I fired at 06 be fired again at a hotter fire?
  2. Spots On My Bisque

    Yes cone 06. I cant tell you on the glaze because i make bisque only at this point and time.
  3. I am getting spots on my bisque that are faint but noticeable. The spots look like something did not burn off completely or its iron traces and they are basically the color of rust or reddish brown. I am currently firing at cone 6 in an electric kiln. What am I doing wrong and can it be corrected? Thanks.
  4. Im looking for the best bonding and filler to use to reattach cracked pieces of a kiln top. Please use laymens terms since I am just starting out. I bought an old kiln and it needs e few repairs and I'm on a tight budget so I am learning DIY kiln repair. My main concern is that I was told some cements will flake off during firing and demage the finish.