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  1. Number Of Firings

    LT, If I measure that way and let's say the spoonful of glaze weighs 1 oz. If I use 3 oz. of it, do I then add .05% of 3 oz?
  2. Number Of Firings

    OldLady, I understand that many potters would not be interested in creating "cracks" in their work but using that method does not mean the work is not attractive. It depends on the clay and glaze used. Here are some of my work and I would not classify them as unattractive. These are pots used for various cactus. Fred Sweet, Maybe I am misunderstanding your comments so sorry if I am. Once I make a pot I apply various underglazes while the pot is still moist. At least one of those underglazes I have added sodium silicate to the jar. As soon as the under glazes dry I can stretch the pot easily. Once in a while I might add the underglazes and then just brush the silicate over it but usually I have added it to one of the underglazes.
  3. Number Of Firings

    The example I showed does not have any crater glaze on it. That example is one I used sodium silicate to create the cracks. This pot was fired to 04 then clear glazed and refired to cone 6. I would like to add a rim of crater glaze at the top but that glaze is for cone 05 so my original question was trying to not have to do 3 firings. I have tried added the carbide to various cone 6 glazes but they never came out right. All the formulas are for making the glaze from scratch whereas I would prefer to add the carbide to a store bought glaze. So when Neil says add .05% I am not sure how much that would be for an existing glaze?
  4. Number Of Firings

    I already do the 04, 6, 05 firing so I know it works. Just trying to save some time & money doing 3 firings each time. Not to mention the increased ware on the kiln.
  5. Number Of Firings

    I have used it before and have no problem with it.
  6. Hi, I have made some pots for plants and used to do a simple 04 bisque and a 6 firing. Now I am using underglazes on the greenware, firing to 04, using a clear glaze and retiring at come 6. I tried using some crater type glaze but it needs to be fired at 05. I hate to do 04, then 6, then 05. What happens if I do an 04 then use the crater glaze and fire at 05 as a final firing? I am using cone 5/6 clay. I know that means it will not be vitrified but what effect will that have on the pots? They will not be outside so no freezing temps involved. Will water seep through when the plant is watered? If that is not a good option can I let them dry longer and eliminate the 04 and use the underglazes and the clear glaze on the dry greenware and fire to 6 then do an additional 05? Can you use the clear glaze on greenware? attached is an example Thanks for any advice.
  7. Spectrum makes quite a few "textured" glazes like Kiwi Fruit. Just google spectrum textured glazes and you will see them. I use about a dozen different one's and they are excellent.
  8. Sealing Bisque Pots

    I tried attaching a picture so you could see what I am referring to but I keep getting just a little box with a ? in it.
  9. Sealing Bisque Pots

    The pots will be in my greenhouse. My main concern is because I have so many plants in there when I water I just use a shower hose handle so every part of the pots get wet. I'm sorry, I do not know what you mean by vitrified.
  10. Sealing Bisque Pots

    I guess I was concerned that by not having anything on the outside that water might have some effect on it. Would water not get absorbed into the outside?
  11. Sealing Bisque Pots

    Thank you for the replies and ideas. So would applying a sealer to the outside not accomplish the same thing as applying the clear glaze to the inside? I hope that is not a stupid question.
  12. I have been making a lot of pots for my plant collection and normally I glaze all the pieces. I recently made some pots combining 3 different color clays, a dark brown, gold (really light brown), and a buff. Once the pots dried and were bisque fired, the combination of the 3 colors looks great so I do not want to ruin the look with glaze. I picked up a clear glaze and fired 2 of the pots as a test. I did one coat on the first pot and two coats on the second pot. These were fired at cone 6. On both pots the clear glaze washed out the nice colors of the bisque and the entire pot just has a boring gold kind of look which I do not like at all. I was reading about sealers and was wondering if I used a matte clear sealer if the clay colors would remain the same? Also, would I just do an 04 bisque fire and that's it or should I do them in a cone 6 firing? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! Paul
  13. Bob, The rim is Coyote Gun Metal Green. The edges are browner because I only did 1 coat there and 3 coats where it is the greener part. Thanks for the compliment but I am very new at this and have been experimenting a lot.
  14. I really like the Coyote glazes. I have been using them on the pots I make for my plant collection. This is Copper Blue.