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  1. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    Only got his email and it does not work anymore. .... Though this thread has given me some food for thought. I think I will try different things to see if it works, focusing on improving ventilation and ordering in a pyrometer. Thanks everyone.
  2. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    My bag wall was not removed and my kiln was only half filled.
  3. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    Here is the log sheet I was going off of. followed exactly except replace the cones with 3, 4, 5.
  4. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    I usually leave an area around the exhaust for ventilation. My tanks don't really freeze all that much, just gets covered with frost which I usually wipe away with a damp cloth, thanks anyway. The floor is metal caging, fibre and than bricks. I usually use plastic bags and tape to close up the burner holes when not in use cause I have had a wasp nest up there once upon a time. After talking with you guys I think it may be the poor circulation within the kiln, however as I have said the kiln has reached cone 10 before...
  5. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    I did exactly the same as the log sheets the previous guy gave me, tanks do become frosted over, I have never taken note of when this happens other to notice that I need a refill soon. Tried to fire it again and it failed. However I got a shock when flames kept coming out of the oxygen intake section of my gas burner. I am guessing a internal problem and am going to call the gas guy. However since I am a newbie I thought I would ask too see if had anything to do with what I was doing? (It only began around 3 hrs after I began, after an hr or two of fiddling I shut the gas off.) Once the kiln cools down again I will take more internal and external images.
  6. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    I don't know, I'll try a refire with the damper half open and see if that improves the temp climb, I have also but a few more lower temp cones in.
  7. Kiln Wont Reach Temp

    The chimney isn't blocked, I have recently refilled the gas tanks and had the burner cleaned out. It's not a a cross draft kiln. Inside the kiln was glowing orange. The last owner managed to get it to cone10 in 7-9hrs. The burner is next to the exhaust with 3 bricks inside the kiln dividing them. Btw could you suggest what type/brand of pyrometer I should get?
  8. Past Uni work

    Past ceramics created when I was learning at Uni.
  9. Resting Wombat

    From the album Past Uni work

    © I.F.

  10. Sleeping Wombat

    From the album Past Uni work

    © I.F.

  11. Sitting Wombat

    From the album Past Uni work

    © I.F.

  12. Aliens

    From the album Past Uni work

    © Isabelle

  13. For further viewing of my ceramics please proceed to https://www.facebook.com/IsabelleFreckelton

  14. Blue Plaque Small

    From the album Past Uni work

    © Isabelle

  15. Blue Plaque Large

    From the album Past Uni work

    © Isabelle