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  1. Fresh out of the bag from a supplier i don't wedge, just cut a block and round it into a cone shape on my wedging board. Recycled clay i rams head wedge...i've tried the conch shell wedge and think rams head is more efficent timewise even tho more physical.
  2. As per the elephant on the lid...you can't copyright an elephant shaped handle thats a concept and concepts aren't copyrightable but you can copyright the shape of your specific elephant handle. My bowl or bowl shape is not copyrightable but any drawing or incising design is copyrightable as long as in is not generic dots or lines or something similar.
  3. Cone 6 dominates for the functional potter in my area. I would love to do cone 10 reduction...i fired my universities giant gas breathing giant and would love to have one at my disposal. I doubt i could install one in the yard legally and the center where i teach would not want to go to the expense of building or buying a gas kiln.
  4. I don't have my masters just a bfa with a ceramic concentration. We had to both hand building and wheel in the beginning class but there after could choose to focus on one or the other or both. I started focus on the wheel and it is my love but also took directed studies where i wished to explore certain handbuilt projects and started to incorporate both in one piece. There was no way in my program to have escaped being exposed to the wheel or handbuilding. Now basic art history courses was a whole other matter. Very little ceramic exposure in most my art history basic courses. I remember in Survey the clay bisons found in that French cave made by prehistoric man, a fertility goddess, a slide of some greek vessel, then fast forward not much mentioned til modern art and the vagina plates and that cast cat installation. Then you got to specialize in the art history of your choice, i took art and arch of mesoamerica and also art and arch of the incas...they both were very pottery filled. I also had to take class outside of art and went with anthropology and managed to snag a summer native american course that was full of pots too. So i would think if someone managed to go thru university with a mfa with a ceramic concentration and not know how to make pottery either the school an idiot or the student was. Now i actually could see someone not knowing some of the more wellknown potters as you had to seek the info and the info was not provided in the survey courses. I learned about well known potter from spending time in the library stacks reading old ceramic monthlys and studio potter magazines.
  5. The goal should be 1/4†thickness after trimming...i tend to like a fancier trimmed foot on a bowl so i tend to leave more clay so i have more clay to play with, my cylinders on the other hand get the minimum amount of trimming so a almost a 3/8†bottom gets thrown so i end up with hardly any trimming With a shallow footring.
  6. The size of the show is a big influence on income potential...you cannot expect the income from a show with 1000 visitors as one that had 20000 visitors. I do a lot of small local one day shows, if i come away with a few hundred i am happy for the day. My expenses were low, no travel, no hotel, i meet my fellow local artists that i see every year and the show is usually on the waterfront, so a pleasant day spent on the waterfront with artist friends and i made some money too...gravy lol. but then if i do a larger event with a much larger entry fee, longer travel, strangers i haven't met, lots of rules(small shows tend to be looser on the rules), and more stress i have higher expectation. What that expectation is really all depends on many factors. One show i do a is so loose on the rules that if you show up with a blanket and your work, you are all set. I actually did the blanket thing on a day that was expecting rain. I wanted a set up that would be fast to break down if bad weather came(this show also has a policy that if weather is bad, you pack it up). I threw a tarp on the ground and a blanket on top and set up a blanket full of stuff that came from one bin for easier pack up...sadly 2 hours later the rains came. i was gone with a 15 minute pack up but i made $90 in two hour on a rainy day from stuff on a blanket...i was incredibly amused.
  7. I've been using the same bottle of veggie oil for a decade now...yep its a bit rancid but it was rancid when i moved it from the kitchen to the studio...waste not want not. And i don't have to pay shipping, nor axner's 3.95 handling fee or wait to meet their $10 minimum lol It works.
  8. Textured Kiwi Glaze Recipe

    That glaze is nice...i am not a big fan of most of spectrum glazes as they tend to run more than expected but the textured kiwi is a better behaved one. There is a mulberry one i liked too.
  9. On average i think a pint of liquid per pound of dry but i always mix less water for a think mix cause of the same as Callie ,after cleaning up and making sure you got all the glaze slurry in the glaze container the glaze get watered down.
  10. Well, i have an ample supply of cat pee and the ability to make more with every bowl of water consumed...but i think i will leave the experimenting with this particular glaze ingredient to others. I think a tuft of hair or a whisker would make a nice momento anyway.
  11. Vegetable oil...i use vegetable oil as a mold release on most everything non porous
  12. Mom always said my sister was the creative one...shes a nurse now. Mom said I was the loud one tho everybody not in my family thinks i'm way too quiet. I did doodle in the margins of my notes...mostly large eared sailors adrift after a shipwreck, some rainbows and alot of things i think today would be called zentangles. I was always the messy one...loved digging holes in the dirt... I went to college, took art cause i had to, teacher said i had a certain style. Decided i wanted to go into graphic design. Had to take a 3d art form and sculpture was full so pottery was it. I never saw a handmade pot til i was in college....if you don't count that little pinch pot i made from a bit of clay i found in my grandma's dirt driveway. I watched an advance student throwing on the wheel while we were shown how to make pinch pots...it was magic...i wanted that magic. So i went to college for graphic design and came out a potter instead. So not sure i had an early warning sign...it just kinda happened.
  13. Its too hot to do an outdoor show, no indoor shows round here either. I bought a watermelon, plan on having a slice or 2 and maybe will walk down to the river to watch the fireworks...but maybe i won't, the mosquitos have been so bad i almost can't bear the thought of being outside after dusk.
  14. Kiln Hours To Fire

    My skutt takes about 10 hours on medium speed and it has a near decade on the elements, it used to fire in 8 hours instead when it was newer...i never fire on fast speed so i don't know
  15. Burning cat pee smells a lot like leather to my nose...which makes sense once you know that urea is used usually to tan leather. I don't like the smell of leather nor burning cat pee. I might have a weird nose tho cause i think roses smell like stale beer.

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