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  1. Why not consult your instructor?...i am sure they would have a plan.
  2. I have an ez up and do shows in very windy water front conditions. A properly weighted ezup can weather quite a bit. I have 60 pounds per leg with additional weight if need be and additional ratchet straps i could strap down to any stationary element if need be. It still wiggles in the wind but i had a friend concerned about their tent wiggle and the ezup people said the tent is meant to flex with the wind. There was one show i was next to a craft hut...that is a tank of a tent but it takes 2 people and about an hour to set up and so many shows don¡t give you much time to break down.
  3. Does this kiln have no way to control the ramp up either by computer or switch? Are you perheating your bisque? Mine is switch controled with a low medium and high. I do a 2 hour preheat on low with the peep and lid open a bit, the 2 hours on low peep still out but lid closed, 2 hours peeps still out on medium, and then plug the peeps and let it fire on high til the cone sitter turns it off. If it is computer controlled can you adjust the firing cycle? My classroom kiln allows a fast fire, a medium fire or a slow fire. A first fire should be set to slow but your controller may be different so refer to your manual.
  4. PSC

    Glazing Tools

    I mostly brush mine on. I have found those cheap 1 inch chipboard brushes great for general coverage then a varity of brushes for design from fan, sumi, hake, etc...i have a particular favorite one its a bob ross brush, it narrow but long bristles...i think it was for making fur or something but it is fun to use to decorate with. I one had a sumi brush that almost all the bristles had fallen out. I could make the most wonderful undulating line with it but sadly finally all the bristles fell out and so died a wonderful tool.
  5. PSC

    Help identify this wheel...

    Here is a similar wheel on ebay http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=191006301866&t=0&tid=10&category=28124&seller=technologysurplusdepot&excSoj=1&excTrk=1&lsite=0&ittenable=false&domain=ebay.ph&descgauge=1&cspheader=1&oneClk=1&secureDesc=0 the one my class has is a little newer as they added a seat and lost the motor surround. Ours does not have any empty screw holes to add anything but i'm going to assume there were likely different models you could buy with different attachments that might fit the holes.
  6. PSC

    Where do you put freshly thrown pieces?

    I encourage my students to stand up between pots. So if they have to move to put it some place its better for them healthwise.
  7. PSC

    Help identify this wheel...

    I'm going to guess an old amaco wheel. It reminds me a lot of one i have sitting in my classroom. Does it have a foot peddle or just two speeds? The amaco i have just has two speeds.
  8. The part of the mechanism i can see looks clean, all shiney in the light of my flashlight. That part of the control is at the top of the switch towards the wheelhead and i have just enough knowledge to look at things and see if they look odd, not enough to take the switch out and put it back in to get to that portion of the mechanism. Its one of those old shimpos with the orange metal base...i really don't know much about shimpos i know more about brents, soldners, and old creative industries now speedball but i have never taken out a switch in any of them.
  9. I have an old shimpo in my class studio that will no longer spin in the direction for normal right handed use. When the switch is put the position for right mode it still spins the direction that left handers need. I have flipped the wheel over and looked at the switch, it does not look damaged and i see the contacts move when i flip it from left to right. Any advice?
  10. PSC

    What's Your Work Music?

    Native american wood flute music played via my ipad. I prefer something without words and the wood flutes lets me hear the clay sing tho some days it merely mumbles.
  11. PSC


    Use hammer and learn to mosaic or drill hole and make a planter learn to container garden or grind your signature off of them , hitch a ride with a fishing boat, drop your load offshore and make an artificial reef and take up fishing.
  12. I have never needed to measure. Get a rough idea by placing a hand inside bottom and a hand outside on the bottom. Flip bowl, center it, and anchor down with little lugs of clay. Start trimming and as you approach your guesstimate for perfect thickness, stop the wheel and lightly push a finger against the trimmed out bottom...see or feel movement? Your done. If no movement, trim a little more and repeat light push til it moves. potter's note: this works on normal leatherhard pots. if pot is too hard the bottom will not move, and you should likely just throw another pot anyway. if pot is too soft it will move to soon but likely if it is too soft you will have warped the rim while trimming and have to come up with a creative answer on what to do with your ruined rim so the slightly to thick bottom is the least of your worries.
  13. PSC

    Clay processing

    If the source is really clean screening may not be a problem. Back in college with more time than money i dug my clay from a known pit that area potters had been digging for generations. The clay was very pure coming out of the pit. I'd just hammer it into lumps, add water to make a slurry, pour off the excess water, and throw it in the clay mixer with a little ball and fire clay and some dry 182 that i ordered from stardard and it made a great throwing clay no screening needed. Now occassionally there would be an iron pyrite in the clay that you would find as you brought up a wall or the kiln would find it and give you an interesting burnout down the side of your pot. Not often enough to make me want to spend time screening tho.
  14. I thought it kinda looked like a shimpo but it kinda doesn't, kinda like shimpo inspired or maybe it inspired shimpo. Maybe something from the 60's or 70's with the goovey footpeddle...tho i have seen car footpeddle replacements in the shape of a foot so maybe it is a replacement.
  15. PSC

    No Swiping

    I'd like to give a thumbs up for having a mobile hotspot to have your own network when your phone has no signel...just get a hotspot with a different carrier than what your phone uses and then you will have a backup if your phone network is down. Processing credit cards take very little data so what i did was get a hotspot that i buy data on cards at my local walmart and add a small amount of data every month i was going to be doing shows...thats is about 6 months of the year for me...and the months i did not need a hotspot i just did not buy data cards. Just remember to charge that hotspot so its all ready to go if needed.

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