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  1. I have a small test 11x11 kiln, i think it is a skutt. It is not computer controlled. I have noticed it fires a little higher than the larger computer controlled kiln at the place i teach at. High enough difference that satin matts tend to be semi gloss in the test kiln.
  2. 1. It would all depend on the facilities what is equipment available, how much room do i get to store work and clay, hours open, what kind of firing is available etc. 2. Well it would seem one is selling it by the pound...meaning they are breaking up bags and handing you clay and the other just sells you a premeasured bag they get from the supplier. Its kinda like buying potato chips by the small individual serving or the family sized bag...the big bag is usually a lt cheaper per ounce. The reason i am sure they allow no outside clay is to save their kilns from unknown cone clay melting in a higher cone firing. 3. I would want quality electric wheels, a large slab roller, an extruder, sizable tables to work on, designated safe storage of work while drying or keeping wet, a locker to keep some tools and such in, kilns that fire often, a variety of firing option...electric oxidation, gas reduction, etc. If glaze is provided i would want a color chart with fired samples well marked containers and if not commercial glazes then recipes provided so i understand what the glaze is made up of. I would also like the ability to make up glazes from ingrediants and have other commercial glazes allowed to be fired if i can show documentation that they are formulated for the cone to be fired at. I'd also like the opportunity to fire my own kiln if i have that knowledge. Open 24/7 would be fabulous as i am a night owl. I would also want safe parking and a lock on the door once inside the studio.
  3. If you are dead set on selling your beginner wares continue not signing them. some perspective: so i have decided i want to install roofs, i've got a little training under my belt but my roofs aren't up to the my own standards but hey i could start selling my services now for cheap and make a little cash while learning...I'm sure those cheap roofs won't come back to bite me in the butt once i get good enough to charge more.
  4. PSC

    Unusual Questions

    There are white cone 6 stoneware blanks to be had but they are limited in shape. Learning to glaze is a large challenge so be prepared to waste quite a bit of blanks on the learning process. If you are liking the sea theme pottery maybe look for some florida or shore side potters that already make something similar to what you want and order something from them. I have seen many fellow florida potters working in the theme and style you seem to be wanting.
  5. 25 minutes would be very doable for me But Not much that local here. I get my clay from a guy that buys his clay in bulk and is willing to sell to others but has no shop. But if i wanted to buy glaze or dry ingredients i have to order from somewhere. I so miss Bennetts, thats where i always ordered from but now i usually order from axners for laguna glaze and dry ingridients as they will use regional rate boxes for cheaper shipping and as of now have not found a happy solution to buying amaco glazes.
  6. PSC

    Choosing clay types

    I only use 3 clays mostly, a buff with lite bit of texture that is good for the wheel and most handbuilding that i do. A white with near no tooth to it for translucent glazes. And a low fire terra cotta for yard art and such. Occassionally i use a dark brown just cause i like the color of the clay and use it unglazed but only for special projects and raw it looks a lot like my terra cotta til fired so can easily be mixed up. I don't like to many clays going on in my studio cause it makes recycling a pain.
  7. I have an old brent...it does not have any letters to tell me which it is. I bought it for $200 after taking it for a spin to see if it worked. Now where i teach has a cxc Brent that when donated had a flat place in the belt where it had sat unused for 5 years. It has now started grinding and running rough so it now sits waiting for someone to decide it is important enough to fix as i do not have the knowledge to fix it.
  8. PSC

    Pottery Stools, what do you use?

    My fav is a basic metal gray square stool got at a school salvage for $2. I tend to throw with my left ankle wrapped around the stool leg. Its strong enough to stand on....i have a slightly taller version in my kitchen that i found at the thrift that is painted red. I think my college had a few like it in the pottery studio too.
  9. I have a model A, it weighs just a tad more than a bag of clay so you can take it to demo on site if need be or to carry out in the yard to commune with nature. Mine is my second wheel, it came to me when i bought a used pottery kiln and the kiln came with every thing she used for clay including tools, wheel, books and a tiny bee hive kiln as she was changing hobbies.
  10. I had a very pregnant student. It was her last just for her thing to do before the baby. I told her what i knew about the dangers and she elected to not glaze her work til after the baby was born and had stopped nursing just in case. She was so pregnant that she could not get in the right position to center and that was the semester i got to become an expert in centering student's clay from the wrong side of the wheel while squatting not sitting.
  11. I limit my teen classes to 12 mixed level hand builders. I don't have a teen wheel class. Tho my adult wheel class maxes at 4 cause we only have 4 wheels.
  12. Give him a small spray bottle with a fine mist and tell him not to spray the clay but to spray his palms and fingers a little when he starts noticing the little cracks. I use old body spray bottles filled with water and use them especially with my students in the winter as the heater dries the clay out fast while working with it.
  13. I try to advise my students that the answer to nearly every pottery related question is 'It all depends': How will this glaze look...it all depends...will this blow up in the kiln...it all depends...will this warp/crack/fall off....it all depends and then go on to explain what it depends on. I also talk about a 'satisfaction parameter' to not expect only one specific outcome but to have fluid parameters of satisfaction and for the beginning student that parameter starts at 'it survived' to 'hey it looks pretty good' This prep seems to work for most students but there is alway that one student that does not have a go with the flow kinda outlook. These students i always remind there is no failure only learning opportunties and ask them what they can learn from what they see as a failure.
  14. PSC

    Best Tent For Craft Show?

    I wanted to point out that not all ezup brand tents are the same grade of tent some are more for the afternoon bbq not a weekend show. And no ezup is gonna compare to a crafthut or something similar. That said, i have an easy up. Its going on 5 years of weekend service, I did waterproof it my first year and have never had a leak. I do weight it down with 40-60 pounds a leg tho i normally do not stake as it is mighty hard to stake in marle which is common where i do shows. I'm a 5'2” female and get the tent up by myself with minimal effort...i often help the guys out their first forray out into bringing their tents up in the dark of the early morn. Its not that it is hard but if you get the steps in the right order its easy. I bought mine at sam's club. I do not think as a solo seller i could put up and take down a nonfolding kind of tent in the time most shows allow. there was one weekend tho i was so glad i had a lovely crafthut next to me acting as a windbreak, the tents on the other side of the circle were being trashed but i was guarded by my neighbors crafthut and partially by the festival's beer truck and i was not even wiggling in the breeze.
  15. Fresh out of the bag from a supplier i don't wedge, just cut a block and round it into a cone shape on my wedging board. Recycled clay i rams head wedge...i've tried the conch shell wedge and think rams head is more efficent timewise even tho more physical.

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