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About Me

I'm a (semi) retired ex IT Trainer.


I teach cycling to children and adults, and spend as much time out-doors as I can.  One day a week is spent at the local Scout campsite - planting trees, cutting the grass, pruning, picking wild damsons, apples and sloes, writing letters and funding applications begging for money.


I have two greenhouses, the larger is half pottery half plants, but the pottery is taking over and trying to grab more space.  I "pot" at a day centre for the over 50s one morning a week, and spend odd moments or whole days finishing, fine-tuning, glazing, just pottering at home.  I have a small electric kiln, which I only run if I can't get my stuff fired at the centre.  I use commercial clays and glazes, but have inherited a load of raw materials, and am gradually getting my head round what I can do with them.


I recently made two slip-casting moulds for mugs, one a drop-mould without a handle, the other a three-part mould for a complete mug with handle and foot-ring. 


I am struggling to master the wheel, I think I've finally got centering and coning, but cannot yet master lifting.  I think I'm trying too hard.


I've had 200 kiln bricks donated, and there are more if I want them, so am planning to build a kiln during the summer holidays at the Scout camp-site.  One of our volunteers is a gas plumber so I'm planning to get him to sort out the burners.  Going to run a couple of "play with clay" sessions for the district's leaders and volunteers before hand and then get them to kiln sit.


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