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  1. Chilly

    New to me New Model A Brent wheel

    Road bikes, Mountain bikes, sewing machines, lathes ..........TOYS
  2. Chilly

    a quick question about Fire

    I fire mine overnight, taking advantage of cheap rate electricity. My kiln is in a greenhouse, down the garden, and I now have a digital controller, but when I first had it, I used to set the alarm and get up every couple of hours to check/turn up.
  3. Have you been to look at the Turning Earth Studios, just south of you? http://e2.turningearth.uk/
  4. A cookie is a piece of clay that protects the shelf from glaze runs.
  5. Don't glaze the bottoms, fire them flat on the shelf or on a cookie.
  6. Chilly

    Making underglazes from powders

    Perhaps the reason ready made stuff is expensive is due to the testing over many years, and the experience of those who make it. You will end up spending more money in terms of time and waste, than biting the bullet and paying for the commercial stuff. Harsh, but true. Unless you're in this for the long, (very long) haul and willing to spend the time and money to test, test, tes.
  7. +1 to everything already said, but .... I too was told I shouldn't glaze the bottom, and therefore wouldn't need stilts, but sometimes the only way we learn is to do it ourselves and see what happens. If you do stilt when firing at cone 6 and hotter, the clay could collapse around the stilts, then you can't remove them. Guess how I know? If you don't want to have a "drip-catcher" or incised line around the bottom of a pot, and want the glaze to appear as if it goes all the way around and under the pot, you can make a cookie to sit the pot on. The cookie needs to be smaller by about 5mm all round, and then you can glaze under the pot for 2-3mm if you know your glaze doesn't run. With runny glazes, if I really want the bottoms to look glazed, I make double cookies, the top one smaller than the pot, the bottom one much larger, so if the glaze does run, it doesn't ruin the shelf.
  8. Do they have to be part of a collection? If yes, maybe: Small items, Medium items, Large items, or Pots less than 5 or 10 or whatever, pots between 20 and 50, pots more than 50. I quite often find categories or collections don't show what I want, and am happy to just be able to sort into price order and scroll through hundreds. What I really hate about online shopping is having to click "next" after just a few items. I always want the option to "show all".
  9. I can't access your FB :-(
  10. What's on my workbench? Clutter. It's far too cold and damp to be out there this time of year. My shelf at the centre, however, has rolled clay waiting to be turned into Herb Labels, there is an Owl drop mould sitting upside down, waiting to be fettled and put into the kiln, and there are mugs and spatula rests waiting for a ^6 firing.
  11. Chilly


    Don't forget the pyrometer is measuring air temperature. The pots and shelves could be hotter.
  12. Chilly

    Crispy Cone

    If they were fired too high, the only problem might be getting the glaze to stick. Or , other problems may show up later.
  13. #Oly. I'm not surprised it hasn't popped off yet. One week for the plaster to dry this time of year, even in an airing cupboard may not be enough. I usually put a fan in front of plaster moulds to help them dry. And large, but thin slip-castings can take days in a centrally heated studio before they shrink enough to remove.
  14. Can't think why a kiln for kids would be any different than a kiln for adults. I wouldn't let a kid load or programme/fire a kiln without supervision, nor would I let an adult.

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