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  1. Chilly

    A little question about Kiln

    Another one left the building.
  2. Chilly

    Kiln wash question

    I always use cookies under any new glaze, and any glaze that has a tendency to run. Easy to make, cheap and re-useable.
  3. Ha ha. That was the first try out. It's now warped with 200+ ready for a big trial. You're welcome to come and help. The scones and clotted cream are on the shopping list for the weekend.
  4. Chilly

    A little question about Kiln

    If you work with fibre, I'm guessing you spin and weave? Having just acquired a loom, I know there are a million things I need to learn before I will make anything useful. The same applies with clay and firing. Take OldLady's advice, or you will be following Alice down the rabbit hole.
  5. No so much "what's on my workbench", more like "what's in my studio, in the way of my workbench". http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/gallery/image/10062-img_2199jpg/
  6. Chilly

    Lucky 13

    Mural tiles for medieval themed Explorer Scout camp.
  7. Chilly

    No Swiping

    I helped out on the ticket line today, at a country show. I was amazed how many people used "contactless" and didn't even look at the screen to see how much I'd entered. In the UK there is a £30 per transaction limit on contactless, but even so...... Not sure how many paid by cash, there were separate lines. Last time I was on that gate was about 10 years ago and we only took cash. Then we had to check for forged notes, now I've no idea how they deal with rogues.
  8. Chilly


    I'd be honest with the students, and ask them if they want to wash the white glaze off completely, or perhaps just some of it, or just fire it anyway, Depending on how opaque the glaze is it might, or might not, cover the underglazing. Some pots may be improved, some may not, but I'd let them choose the next step.
  9. Chilly

    Rusty Kiln lid

    I used Kurust, but the rust on my kiln lid and sides was "non-existent" compared to your kiln.
  10. Chilly

    Submit Your Community Challenge Ideas

    It died a quiet, natural death.
  11. Chilly

    reconstituting old casting slip

    Probably Possibly Don't know. Possibly. Only way you will know for certain is to test it. BUT Is the cost of your time to do so less than the cost of a new bucketful? Probably not. If you're time rich-cash poor, go for it, otherwise, dispose and start again.
  12. +1 to all above, find one that fits you and your specs. I have a small face/head, and wear specs. Finally found one that fits and doesn't fog me up. Other brands and suppliers are available, but I like this one: https://www.arco.co.uk/products/111500?s=1.
  13. Chilly

    Underglaze versus glaze?

    What @Benzine said
  14. Chilly

    The Menagerie

    Lovely. They remind me of the Egyptian "............" headed gods.

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