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  1. Chilly

    Glazed over holes

    @JohnnyK I'm guessing it's for something like this. The holes have to be big enough to get the little bulbs in. (They're not actually bulbs, you put a light fitting with an ordinary bulb at the bottom, but the light shines out of these little "bulbs.")
  2. Chilly

    Glazed over holes

    Everything that @Mark C. said. Doubled.
  3. Chilly

    Cleaning kiln shelves

    You might find you spend more money and time on trying to clean that shelf than a new one would cost.
  4. Chilly

    Cleaning kiln shelves

    And a good dust mask
  5. Chilly

    spectrum underglazes

    Our favourite reply to this type of question is: Test, Test, TEST. Only by playing and testing will you find out exactly what happens with Your clay, Your kiln and Your firing schedule. Enjoy the testing phase, it can be really therapeutic.
  6. Interesting question @oly. I've always wondered about the shipping costs from China, HK etc. Lots of items on eBay for 99p, including shipping. If the seller pays for postage in their country, who foots the bill for the "final mile" as our Post Office call it. The cheapest stamp in the UK is 58p for an A5 letter weighing 100g or less.
  7. Five snowflakes, destined to become mobiles like this one. Broke a piece off every single one of them between workbench and kiln. Slipped and sticked. Let's see what the kiln gods can do with them.
  8. Chilly

    Waxing and dishwashers

    Earthenware is usually un-vitrified. It will stay damp and leave a ring if you put a freshly washed and dried mug on a wooden table. That's why it is glazed all over, with just 3 pinpoints from stilts. Stoneware is not (normally) glazed on the foot and should be vitrified if fired to the correct cone. Most cheap tableware (in the UK at least) is earthenware. Back to the original question of "dishwasher-proof" - I have some earthenware mugs that go in the DW and are OK.
  9. Chilly

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    My computered kiln controller says operating temp =0C to +40C. Storage temp = (minus)-10C to +55C.
  10. Chilly

    Waxing and dishwashers

    Did you mean cone 6 or cone 06? Big difference.
  11. Chilly

    Waxing and dishwashers

    @Bill Kielb, @macca did say "kiln racks", so presumably they will not result in one solid piece !!! And I agree with the absorbency test. If @Macca searches these forums, I'm sure the subject has come up before.
  12. I have bags of clay that have lived in the greenhouse for several years, so they must have frozen at some time. Haven't noticed any difference.
  13. Chilly

    Flaking glaze

    Without using cones, you won't know if your pots have received enough time at a temperature. Think of baking a fruit cake. You don't put it into a cold oven and switch the oven off as soon as it reaches the required temperature. You keep it at the set temp for an amount of time. It's similar with pottery. Cones measure heat/work. The amount of work that the temperature has applied to the pots. Free-standing cones or cones in a pad of clay will show this. A temperature gauge is only half the solution.
  14. Chilly

    Flaking glaze

    +1 to Liam's comments above. How certain are you of the firing temperatures? Did you use cones? Firing temperature for Duncan Envisions is 1000 - 1020. Did you overfire it?

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