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  1. claclana

    Ceramic Tape Recipe? (Like Keraflex)

    Thank you so much!!!! ❤❤
  2. claclana

    Ceramic Tape Recipe? (Like Keraflex)

    Hello! I am trying to work with porcelain very very thin and come across this chat, but the links do not work any longer, could somebody connect me with some source? Or that precious pdf!? ....Please!? Thank you
  3. not a magic potions eh?... alright, I may go to the store tomorrow ...so many chemicals in the basement laughing at me, one of this days will grab some, you will know! till then... thank you !
  4. Hi, is it possible to add something to commercial clear glaze to make it crackle? and if I add a layer of regular glaze underneath the crackling glaze will it add more adhesion to it (sometimes may flake) or just get in the way of the crack effect? Thanks!
  5. claclana

    Firing Of Thinnslabs

    Mmmmm, nice options to try Thank you!!
  6. claclana

    Firing Of Thinnslabs

    that setter looks awesome! will look for it, or do it myself thanks
  7. Hi, I was doing 12'x12", 1//4" thick tiles (hearth clay, with and without grog, cone 04-06 using slab roller, electric kiln ) and firing each resting on each kiln shelf with good results , but the quantity to be fired is pretty limited. I try different tile setters but cracks and warping happened, even those tiles that were pre fired (or the second firing weakens them further!?) I thought I could do porcelain(?) tiles 13x13, 1/2" thick to use as "shelves" so I can put more all- surface-supported tiles in the kiln. I also thought pre fired the "shelves"before putting them to work, metal would be the best but I know will melt... do you have some suggestions for alternative kiln shelves? I apologize for my massive ignorance Thanks
  8. claclana

    Very thick glace

    hahah... Brian: it seem so true that ones garbage is a treasure for others! would LOVE to have one of those! not to use, just for the eyes... beauty is food for the soul thank you all for the ideas!
  9. claclana

    Very thick glace

    how this awesome superthick glaze is achieved? specially that gorgeous yellow bowl with white glaze big drips... from the master Takuro Kuwata Thank you for your help!
  10. Hello! I am using plaster molds usually with white clay but would like to switch to red clay ones in a while, how could I avoid contaminating the white clay in future works? I assume washing the mold will take for ever to dry! should I do another sets of molds? mmmmmmm... some suggestions? THANKS!!
  11. claclana

    remove clay from plaster mold

    alright, I will try it! thank you!
  12. Hello I had made a big tile and it's plaster mold, I didn't take it off and the clay is almost dry and do not know how to remove it, I wish not to hurt the plaster in the process, do you some suggestions? THANKS!
  13. claclana

    dense slip for spikes

    GREAT! I have the needed answer Thanks!
  14. Hello I want to be able to make spikes as large as possible by squeezing them with slip (I suppose dense could be nice). I would like to do the slip from the clay (cone 04) I am using, I have darvan 811 and sodium Silicate (to reduce water content-shrinkage/crackings) but I don't know what quantity should I use, the formulas I find are for too big batches. Is there some possibility to do about 2 pounds of slip? THANKS!

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