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  1. How do you get the belt off a Soldner S100? Seems like it should be simple, but that's not the case for me. I would appreciate any directions anyone can offer.
  2. Obvara Firing Technique

    Thank you for letting me know that Marcia is away. I will try another obvara firing tomorrow and may get a few answers, but most likely more questions about this mysterious process.
  3. Obvara Firing Technique

    Marcia, I first saw the word obvara two weeks ago when reading your info for the Mpls firing conference. Since I was about to fire my backyard raku kiln for the first time last Sunday, I decided to make it a total experimental experience and try obvara. I watched as many You Tube videos as I could find, mixed up your recipe for the brew and my friend and I gave it a try. The kiln worked great and we got some pretty awesome scalded finishes on our pots. We are not exactly sure why some pieces turned quite black, some have the lichen effect, some got toast brown and a few picked up almost no color at all. Is the secret in the temperature of the pot when it is dunked? Do you cool your pot a little before dunking? Do you swish your pieces in the brew for any length of time or dunk and pull immediately? Does the time the pot is cooled in water affect the color? Any helpful hint or suggestion you can provide would be very much appreciated. Since we had so much fun with obvara and want to learn more, we are going to try the process again on this coming Sunday. The photos of your pieces are an inspiration for us.