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  1. Gilding Question

    Thanks very much, John and TJR, for your trouble and information. Well, given that I don't actually own a kiln, if the lustre needs to be fired at all, even at a very low temperature, then I need to go to an expert. But John is probably right, too, that perhaps I should leave it as it is. It's a 1920 Royal Crown Derby teapot. I don't know that I care so much about the material "value"--it's really a piece that I live with and use--but I also don't want to wreck it, or have it wrecked. That said, I'm finickity about detail and good with my hands (I paint and draw in diminutive detail...) and I have not been pleased with the last two things I had repaired by "experts"--a fancy shmancy place in Philadelphia repaired a broken china bowl, charged an arm and a leg, and did a crummy job. So, too, with an oriental rug repair which deprived me of my other arm and leg and repaired a bit of damaged fringe by just sewing a patch of fringe instead of re-weaving, and I thought, GAWL, if I'd known that THAT was what they were going to do, I would have done it myself, as I did with some cloisonné repair, which at least is invisible. The trick is finding the right expert (and having the money to spend, too, alas). Thanks again!
  2. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right forum or web site for this question, but... I have an old bone china tea set (c. 1920) whose tea pot has some worn gold gilding, both on the edge and on the outside decorative pattern. Is any repair possible? Are gilding pens or paints food safe? Would I be trashing the value of the tea pot? Thanks for any advice or thoughts...
  3. is gilding / gold leafing food safe ?

    Hello! I've read through this page with interest. My question is very specific... I have an old china tea set whose pot has some worn gilding. I thought that the gilding was put on after the firing, but it sounds like it was fired on, and therefore it would be unwise to attempt any sort of repair. Is this correct? Thanks for any advice...