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  1. Adding Texture To Clay

    Just looking for ideas to stamp texture on the surface.
  2. What interesting found objects are people using to add texture to clay?
  3. Plein Aire

    Chris, I've decided to do just what you said. I'll just go and see what inspires me. I do have a project in mind. I can take as much clay as I want and I thought maybe I'd take some under glaze.
  4. Plein Aire

    The rules state that nothing can be prepared beforehand. We are supposed to work onsite within the grounds of an historical home. I can take everything I need in my car and hopefully find a shady place for my table. I am in a mixed media category and can do anything I want.
  5. Any advise for Plein Aire clay handbuilding? I have 6 hrs, rain or shine. The piece does not to be fired. I have been handbuilding for 2 years Becky