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  1. Up in Smoke Pottery

    French cleat hanging for ceramic tiles?

    At one point I used French cleats on tiles, 6x6 - 8x8. I made the cleat, and adhered it with epoxy. I cannot remember the name/brand other than I ensured it was for use with clay and wood. the back of the tiles was scored and the some of the cleats I put extra holes in to take in more of the epoxy. They are still hanging 10 years later. Chad
  2. Awesome!!! will be making some soon! Is there a "weight" of line that works best?
  3. Planning on doing a few "new" test in the next round of firings.... 1st will be on Monday. playing with some new chems. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Tax Time for potters

    Mark, you just made me feel better about mine, only about 40 pages. But gives me something to "look forward" to as pottery becomes a larger and larger portion of our income.
  5. Up in Smoke Pottery

    What do you use to mix your glaze

    For small or test batches, I use a blender or shaker. Larger batches bucket and drill power paint mixer. For slip a joint compound mixer on the drill.
  6. Be careful what you wish for....
  7. Smash and bury before family skirts off with them. If it's functional, stock the cupboard until he kids are outgrow the break everything stage.
  8. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Naked Finishes Workshop

    Thanks, Marcia. Hoping to be able to get to actually go next year to NCECA. One of these days I'll actually be on my home PC where I can add a few more photos to my gallery.
  9. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Best Tent For Craft Show?

    We are also in the Midwest and also have two canopies, an ancient craft hut that is heavy beast, but is extremely durable. I also have a cheap "Quick Shade" that I picked up on clearance at Home Depot several years ago. I have used it for small one day event where there is little chance of weather. It does have a vented top which helps in the wind. It did okay during a wind storm a couple years ago, but don't think my heart slowed down for a couple days. The only reason I bought it was for an indoor show that required a canopy with lights, and for the $60 I spent it was worth not hauling and setting up the Craft Hut. A word of caution for inexpensive canopies, at a show two summers ago the dumpster was over flowing with the remains of at least a dozen canopies that did not survive the overnight thunderstorm. The two that were near me, one was in a twisted pile, the other the top inverted.one was an EZ up, the other was a caravan. Check around you may find great used ones, my craft hut was $200 from a retiring Potter. I know my FB feed occasionally has used canopies from the various groups I'm in.
  10. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Naked Finishes Workshop

    Greetings all, I thought I throw this out there, we have a couple spots left in our Naked Finishes workshop. We will be doing foil saggars, paper saggars, pit fire and obvara over the course of two days. More information and registration is on our website. Hoping for good weather in April.(FYI its the middle of a blizzard currently)
  11. Good List, I also make certain I have a: Paper inventory sheet as a backup, and to see if I have additional inventory at home if I run out of a particular style of pottery, or if price sticker goes missing. Ant spray, sunscreen, and bug repellant. Cooler stocked with lots of water and snacks
  12. Up in Smoke Pottery

    Partial Re-Glazing at Cone 6

    Depending on the glaze, you might need to warm the pot up to get the glaze to adhere to the bald spot depending on the glaze. 200 degrees should be fine, can be done in an oven or your kiln.
  13. Part 1....Take good, legible notes, don't use abbreviations acronyms you have to try to decipher later. Part 2....the hard part, (for me at least) Actually read the notes when you fire/glaze/etc. again.

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