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  1. Some of our Pit fired pieces. thanks for looking.
  2. Greetings, last year's workshop was so fun we decided to do it again. If you want to play at low temps and alternative firing techniques, we'd love for you to join us in Sioux Falls, SD!
  3. Marcia, you are on my list to try to meet in Minneapolis! This sound like a wonderful panel discussion. I cannot wait.
  4. Liam V. Pit firing can be very fun and challenging, been doing for 10 years now. We do bisque 1st, but can be done from a green state just need to go much slower and start with the pots outside the fire and slowly move them towards the fire as time goes by and turning them to heat/dry evenly. They will never be considered "food safe". Obvara is another fun technique, it will produce items that are sealed and useable for short periods of time. Water or other fluids will turn the obvara mixture to paste. It will not prevent chemicals from leaching through though. As for pit firing in your suburban neighborhood, I've done small firings in my backyard fire pit, I just dig down a bit to give it more depth and break my own rules of adding more wood as it burns. Attached is one of our pit fired pieces. Good luck, Chad
  5. We have used this product as well on pit and saggar pots, it works well. It can be buffed to high shine or left more satin. It does have a slight yellow tinge to the final product especially if it is a thick application.
  6. At one point I used French cleats on tiles, 6x6 - 8x8. I made the cleat, and adhered it with epoxy. I cannot remember the name/brand other than I ensured it was for use with clay and wood. the back of the tiles was scored and the some of the cleats I put extra holes in to take in more of the epoxy. They are still hanging 10 years later. Chad
  7. Planning on doing a few "new" test in the next round of firings.... 1st will be on Monday. playing with some new chems. Thanks for the inspiration.
  8. Mark, you just made me feel better about mine, only about 40 pages. But gives me something to "look forward" to as pottery becomes a larger and larger portion of our income.
  9. For small or test batches, I use a blender or shaker. Larger batches bucket and drill power paint mixer. For slip a joint compound mixer on the drill.
  10. Smash and bury before family skirts off with them. If it's functional, stock the cupboard until he kids are outgrow the break everything stage.
  11. Thanks, Marcia. Hoping to be able to get to actually go next year to NCECA. One of these days I'll actually be on my home PC where I can add a few more photos to my gallery.
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