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  1. Clay And Glaze Temperatures

    Show us pictures once you give it a try, I'm eager to see how this adventure will result.
  2. Clay And Glaze Temperatures

    Do you mean our website, golemstudio.com ? If yes, most of the pendants and cabs are between 36 and 45 mm in the longest dimension, the beads are much smaller. I'll be happy to answer any questions.
  3. Clay And Glaze Temperatures

    Yes, applying the glaze on the fully matured clay body after the cone 5 firing will be a bit tricky, but still doable. For easier application you can heat the fired pieces before the glazing. Placing the items that will be glazed on the top of running kiln works just fine, other option is to heat them in kitchen oven. Using a bit thicker glaze than normally will be helpful too.