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  1. Hi guys, I would like to thank you all for your helpful replies! Sorry I did not thank you guys sooner. I am currently at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts for ceramics and their internet here is shoddy. The employer thought I was too expensive for hire but the information you guys have given me is very valuable. Thank you so much for your qquick responses! -Shelley Park
  2. Hello. I am new here and I desperately need some advice. I have been chosen to make four prototype pieces for a small company in Long Island, NY. The founder gave me guidelines on what he wanted and I am to design these pieces in clay form first and then it is to be slipcasted and sold in his stores and online. How much should I ask for? $20 an hour to make the prototypes? Someone recommended that I charge double for materials. Someone also said I should consider royalty but the founder also said that the design will be owned by his company so does that mean no royalty? They never said anything about hiring me at their company but they are interested in working with me in this project. So maybe $1000 for just the job or should I suggest the $20 an hour? Thank you so much for reading this. I need an answer ASAP.