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  1. It's hard explaning work to people when they're in shows. You'll get questions abound, mostly about process and things. Even if you put an explanation of the work people (in my experience) would rather talk to you if you're there versus actually read it. If you put up a short blurb, that will be good for when you're not there outside of opening night and are not there to answer questions. For a show where you will have visitors to the space, you'll still be asked, people will still muse. I normally put up a small blurb and just answer questions when opening night occurs.
  2. Selling anything on Etsy?

    There's a decent community on Etsy. I see a lot of ceramicists selling their things for exorbent prices and they've only sold a few things. I'm mostly speaking to people who do small cups and dishes with minimal expression for exorbent prices. I started last summer sometime on Etsy and I sold two drawings immediately, then later on I sold a set of herb pots I made and a vase. Not bad for next to no self promotion over a six month course I feel. If you have some things that haven't been selling well outside of fairs, its also a good place to put some things to try out selling it. I've been looking at storeenvy.com because its actually free (no listing/sales price) and I feel there might be more ceramicists there, but my current research shows me that there's a lot of reselling of commercial and novelty mugs more than ceramicists so I thought of skipping out on that community. We'll see though, I'd like to give it a try.