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  1. Books About Nerikomi

    Hi everybody, Thanks for your tips so far. Of course I have looked on youtube and I agree you can get some idea. However, I would like to have a book to read a bit more and get it better explained step by step as in the videos they jump. I am also living in Sydney, Australia and - thanks for the workshop offer - cannot join workshops in the US. The idea with the polymer clay is very clever. I will look closer into it. Many thanks :-) Vielen Dank! Cheers, Kathrin
  2. Hello everybody :-) This is my first forums entry and I am hoping that someone can help me. I am looking to find books about Nerikomi in English (or German) language. I was searching in the web and have found some books in Japanese language but nothing in English. I would love to find a book which explains how Nerikomi works, what to consider and some patterns explained step by step to get started. Apparently once you get it you are kind of self creating your patterns, or so... Anyway, I have ordered the books in Japanese language - even I cant speak Japanese, this shows you how desperately I am looking for more info ;-) Thanks very much for tips and links. All very much appreciated. Cheers, Kathrin