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  1. I would speak to your friend and see if you can submit a written complaint together. Sorry you all had bad experience. But I would voice your concerns to prevent others wasting their money too.
  2. Hi I am fortunate to have a studio and in summer got a shimpo rk55 wheel. I have had 1 lesson but cannot get back for more lessons due to travel issue. Anyway I am teaching myself with the help of books and youtube. I sometimes become very frustrated and annoyed with my efforts. I have noticed its much easier to throw clay straight out of bag than the reclaimed clay? I guess that's a wedging issue? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I really enjoy this forum. thanks
  3. Very nice - I hope you produce wonderful things.
  4. Decorating Slips

    ye both earthenware I have a scale. this may sound a very simple and stupid question in glaze recipes it refers to quantities as % if I'm using 100 ml of slip and it tells me 3% oxide is that 3 grams? sorry feel stupid but prefer to ask now rather than be completely wrong about the concept.
  5. Hi New to forum and very novice potter. I was wondering if I can make my own decorating slips? I have 2 x 5L of casting slip - could these be used? I have some oxides. I have never made any glazes either so I would appreciate simple instructions Thank you in advance