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    I'm all about the business of art and the development of arts communities and jobs. I love to help out with problems regarding the selling of work and marketing of art... but please don't ask me about glaze formulas!
    I have tons of great "YouTube" videos to help you learn how to sell your work to shops and galleries, create studio events, develop work that sells and negotiate with dealers.

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About Me

I help artists learn to make work that sells and connect with galleries and shops. I'm actively involved in both the national "Made in America" movement.  As founder of the Arts Business Institute, I travel frequently across the US and Canada to educate artists at live workshops about the business of art.

Arts Business Institute (501c-3) provides weekend workshops, eCourses, and one-to-one business growth advice to artists throughout the US and Canada. ABI offers complete business planning tools to help artists sell their works to art dealers, art museums, and upscale retailers. Sign up for the Blog and/or contact us about hosting a live workshop in your area.

Best in American Made Once known as the American Made Show, this online marketplace provides American and Canadian artists with opportunities to connect with 26,000 retailers seeking authentic artisan maker products. Artists in the fields of art glass, jewelry, ceramics, mixed media, decorative and fashion accessories, exhibit their works to galleries from throughout the USA.

Founder of The Rosen Group, producer of American craft wholesale trade shows, events, conferences, magazines and books.

Crafting An American Style  (PBS)

Traces the evolution of American crafts from their humble origins as homestead necessities to their current status as works of art found in private collections and museums around the world. Archival photography and contemporary footage of people, places, and objects explore the unique influence of handmade crafts in our daily lives.

American Made Alliance. A non-profit trade association for more than 10,000 cottage industry and retail business. The organization advocates the enforcement of intellectual property laws and legislation that promotes, protects and preserves the marketplace rights of artists in the maker community.


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