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  1. Skutt 818 Kiln

    Hi, My first kiln about 26 years ago was a Skutt 818 and I loved it. It was easy to use but I found out immediately that it was too small. A year or so later I added a Skutt KM 1227 which was wondeful. Now 26 years later I have a new KM 818 for a test kiln and a KM 1227. I like the computer controllers on the Skutt kilns, they are easy to program and extremely reliable. The people at Skutt are also wonderfully helpful when there is an issue you need to contact them about. If you are looking at used kilns besides all the usual things, like condition of brick and elements, you can also verify the age of the kiln through the serial number. You dont want to take someone's word a kiln is only a few years old only to find it's over 25 and has never had it's elements replaced. Also make sure if there has been work done on a kiln it was done properly, ask for receipts. I have run into a couple of kilns that looked nice cosmetically but turned out to be what I call "FrankenKiln"s. So my advice is Skutt is great, Kilnmaster controller is easy + awesome. Know what size work you would like to be making ideally and get a large enough kiln.