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  1. Other Selections @ The Center for Art in Wood

    Other Selections: Local Artists Respond to the Museum Collection May 1- July 25, 2015 http://www.centerforartinwood.org/current-exhibition/ The Center for Art in Wood embarks on new terrain with its spring exhibition, a collaboration with young, local artists who work in diverse media – drawing, sculpture, printmaking, video, and photography – everything, in fact, except wood. The 18 Philadelphia-based artists have selected one or more pieces from the Center’s Museum Collection to serve as a point of departure for new artwork, including animation, kinetic sculpture, book art, and large scale installations. In this exhibition and in other initiatives, the Center seeks to make the collection an engine for creative activity. Artists: Jaime Alvarez, Todd Baldwin, Timothy Belknap, Marc Blumthal, Mark Brosseau, Lewis Colburn, Patrick Coughlin, Marianne Dages, Christina P. Day, Leslie Friedman, Jason Gandy, James Johnson, Ryan McCartney, Alexis Nutini, Joanna Platt, Terri Saulin Frock, H. John Thompson, and Tamsen Wojtanowski
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