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  1. Thanks for the input. I really do want to do the glass slumping more than the glass beads. More my style. I will definitely take the class and go from there. Thanks again!! Donna
  2. HELP!!! I am a NUBIE!!!!!! That is mild. Just starting out and I want to make sure that I invest in the right type of Kiln to do the items that I want to make. I am interested in a little bit of everything.....Jack of all trades, master of none....... LOL!!! I want to make glass items, beads, metal and some pottery. I have done some research, but figured it was best to get the input from the specialist! I am looking to spend around 1500 to 2000.00 to start off. I have tried to find a chart comparison of different types of kilns by different makers, but not having much success. I would really appreciate any type of help. Also, I have looked on the Kiln-Frog website and they have a beginners class on glass. Wondering if this would be a good start. I live in Alabama, but will be in the Lakeland, FL area in a couple of weeks. Thanks in advance for any input. Look forward to sharing my future work with you guys Donna