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  1. Classes here have been somewhat disappointing. What I need to learn is overwhelming. Definitely need guidance and focus!

  2. Marcia (hopefully I'm posting in the right place!) ...

    Thank you so much for the welcome! I read your bio and OH my goodness, what a life you've had! Just amazing. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! I'm awed. Yes, life is short! Could you direct me to a good source for workshops... I'm going to a Curt Benzle workshop here this month.Clas...

  3. Welcome to the forum. This should kit start your experiences with clay. Life is short so make the most of it. Take some workshops. You can get a lot out of them.


  4. Adding bat pins to wheel?

    I've discovered a great alternative to drilling holes in your wheel head. I don't have holes either and was about to do what you're doing. Good luck with it... BUT some people actually prefer NO bat pins. So, here's my solution: I tried lots of things before finding this easy solution. It's called bat mate or something like that. (Without giving the actual name ..). It's basically a circle shaped green, sticky, almost rubber-like material that's about an inch larger than the wheel head. You wet it, place it on the wheel head, then place your bat on top (center your bat on it first, which takes a little time, but no big deal). I use those "wonder bats" where you take out the center section, leaving the outer bat in place. This "bat mate" thing holds my bat in place for a whole day of throwing! Even if I don't use my Wonder bats, I just place any other bat on this bat mate and it does a great job! It's really amazing!!!