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    Whew...thats a full plate. Everything I can squeeze in at the moment. Stoneware potter to mechanical contractor...Lapidary. Electronics, jewelry, chemistry...people...Love painting and photog too. Darkrooms. Building and puttering.
  1. Hi everyone. I was making and selling my stoneware back in the early 70s and decided to build a wheel and kiln ... getting into throwing once again...love this stuff. Johnny

    (I can't find the "about me" to configure.... help! )

  2. spencer clay

    I have just acquired a bit of Spencer throwing clay. Never heard of it....believe it said mfg. in Seattle. It is very old dry and was stored under a house...all or most of the labeling is gone from the boxes... but some is marked LLM..and others have an SMY label ... the SMY is yellow in color...not buff but yellow. another is redder than an earthenware...or so it seems to me. The LLM is offwhite. Anyone know what type and cone(s) these clays might be? Whats the best way to figure out what I have (after I reconstitute these bricks ... HAH.) . thanks. Johnny