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  1. vivk


  2. Well, hallelujah! I finally got the 2 books I ordered in August (its now the 21st December!) I would just love to know where the hold-up was, but at least I will have a happy Christmas browsing my books, made of real paper and you can hold it in your hand. Yes I am old school and will always love the feel of a REAL BOOK!!
  3. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    It would be great if you could try that Igustan. I can't wait to experiment but I need to get those spice jars refired first...
  4. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    I would think that a lot of glazes contain toxic materials as well. And the amount of paint I intend using would probably be only 20 ml or so.
  5. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    Thanks Rae. That is what I was going to ask as well. We also get acrylic paint pigments here n liquid form which are used to colour wall paints. I might try experimenting with those - I have a turquoise sample which I presume may have some copper in it to provide the green? Could be interesting. It is pretty concentrated - a small 50 ml bottle of pigment can colour a whole litre of white acrylic paint.
  6. Hi all I would so appreciate it if anyone could give me a fairly scientific explanation of the difference between stains used in glazes and stains used in Overglazes. Are the overglazes more refined pigments - or calcined to a higher degree than the glaze stains. It may seem like a fundamental question to seasoned potters but I have been unable to find a good explanation. Even digital fire does not really explain it properly or at least in a way I can understand it from my varsity chemistry days.
  7. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    Thanks Rae. I was thinking exactly that until I found out what gold lustre costs!! Eeeek! Some time ago I experimented with gold transference acrylic paint I had. Fired it to cone 018 et voila! It worked! It also did not wash off. The surface I applied it to was quite rough though. I thought I might try the silver and bronze metallic acrylic paints I have to see what happens. Ever the child I am.
  8. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    Thank you Rae. That is good advice. I tend not to be consistent. If something doesn't work first time round for me I simply abandon it and try something else - a new clay body or a new slip recipe before trying to perfect the old one. I should stick to one thing till I get it right.
  9. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    Hi JohnnyK. The glaze I used in this case was a Gerstley Borate glaze (we get GB in South Africa) which I got at ICAN membership page https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramic-recipes/low-fire/clear-glaze-base-warm-yellow/ But I left out the rutile which is in that recipe. I had used a white engobe slip recipe on my leatherhard jar (I used a recipe from ICAN section) before I bisqued the jar at cone 04. (1040 degree C) That came out nice and white, so I thought the base glaze would work well over the white bisque. Disaster! The white engobe disappeared taking the pic and writing with it!
  10. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    thanks for your input guys-appreciate it.
  11. vivk

    Metallic lustres

    Hi- sorry for the misunderstanding- no I did not put lustre on the first firing- just ordinary earthenware gloss glazes. I want to put the lustres over this
  12. Hi all I have found very little on metallic lustre firing on google and even on this forum.Can anyone help me with lustre firings, techniques etc. I had a disappointing firing results this week- it was my local red earthenware and I applied the glaze too thin, resulting in lots of patches of red earthenware showing through. (fired to cone 03).I was wondering if I could refire the pieces with overglazes and lustres to cover up those areas. Anyone tried this successfully.I would so appreciate your input.
  13. vivk

    Yellow underglaze

    Thanks- I kind of knew that but I was kinda hoping there was someone out there who knew better or had had a lucky break. Lol!
  14. Hi all I have a question- is it possible to make a good bright yellow underglaze using rutile or yellow ochre (from a hardware store) . I know the commercially available stains eg, Mason stains, are good, but I am wanting to try cheaper alternatives. I have a supply of rutile and yellow ochre oxide that I bought from my local hardware store. Am I living in cloud cuckoo land thinking I can do it with a combo of oxides and maybe tin??
  15. vivk


    Stunning- love the idea.

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