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  1. hello, I am throwing with a clay that has a lot of molochite, because I raku. I am actually using Commercial clays ST material mixed 50:50 with a grogged stoneware. I have found it easier to throw if I use it quite soft, the clay actually moves better and I am happy with the shape and the rims which are spot on when I cut the pots off the wheel. However they keep warping on drying. Am I stretching the clay too thin? This does seem easier to do when the clay is wetter. I have tried drying vases on their rims, but they still warp out of shape. Should I be using harder clay? Any suggestions to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated, it's driving me mad. Thankyou.
  2. Thankyou so much to both potters who helped us with this. We now know to substitute 0.6g Bismuth Subnitrate for 1g Bismuth Nitrate in Greg Daly's Lustre Glaze recipes. It really helps to start with the correct glaze recipe when there is so much to learn with the reduction firings as well. Thankyou, Mary North + Brian Evans, Keighley,United Kingdom. .
  3. Hello, we want to venture into Lustre Glazes and have read Greg Daly's book on Lustre. In his lustre glaze recipes he uses Bismuth Nitrate. However some of the pigment glaze recipes use Bismuth subnitrate and our local ceramic supplier can only provide Bismuth Subnitrate. Would any one know what the difference is and if we could use Subnitrate in Greg's Lustre Glaze recipes? We are based in the u.k Best wishes Mary North + Brian Evans.
  4. Thanks for the information on strontium crystal magic. The programmer that I have for my small kiln at home doesn't allow a controlled cooling cycle, but I can experiment with the school kiln , where I work, when i go back in September. I would like to develop more interesting glazes in the electric kiln and this could be a good way forward. Thanks again, Mary North.
  5. Hi, does anyone know if you can use Steven Hill's strontium crystal magic recipe on bisque fired pottery? I have his glaze recipes for cone 6 and cone 9 but I don't want to raw glaze. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.