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  1. Highwater's Helios @ Cone 6

    Ah yes. That is a great question. I already made a bunch of pots with Helios for a quickly approaching deadline. Normally would fire to cone 10, but our gas kiln is out of commission and not sure how quickly it can be fixed. The next best thing is a cone 6 electric firing. So this is definitely not ideal, but it is more or less a back up plan. -Lydia
  2. Hi everyone, Highwater's website says their Helios porcelain is rated cone 7-11. Some distributors say it can be fired to cone 6. I'd like to try firing to cone 6. Does anybody have a clear or satin glaze that fits correctly with this clay body at cone 6 ox that they would be willing to share? I'll be doing some testing, but I any guidance in the right direction would be helpful. Thank you -Lydia
  3. Hey thanks Mea, I like that you set your goals for the day by $. That makes sense and I don't think I would have thought of doing it that way.
  4. In general, what is your work routine and cycle like for producing work? i.e. Do you only throw mugs on one day, bowls on another day and trimming is an entire separate day? Or do you allow yourself to throw and do a variety of things everyday? Do you set goals for yourself for the day, for the week, or for the month? I could see how people would have totally different ways of working so I am curious what has been the most efficient way for all of you. Thanks for sharing!!