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  1. PQotW: Week 25

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  2. Brent SR 20 pictures

    This might help - here's a link to the manual https://s3.amazonaws.com/amacobrent/section_images/attachments/5353/original_Brent_slab_rollers_manual.pdf?148364584 -SD
  3. Pkqw #24

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  4. Pkqw: Week 23

    Judith, You might want to research "Transferware" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transferware
  5. Lee Kang Hyo - Masterclass

    I'd be there in a heartbeat if it weren't for the commute across the pond
  6. New Forum

    The new default view threw me a bit when I first logged in. If you want the forum to look like it did before , then select the "Table View" icon which is in one of the little boxes to the left of the orangey/salmon colored "Start New Topic" rectangle on the home page. I like the flexibility of being able to organize the information in different views for the different ways our minds work! Edited: for additional detail/clarification
  7. Pkqw: Week 23

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  8. Clays And Glaze Help!

    Welcome to the forums. Here's some background information on pyrometric cones that you might find helpful http://jenkenkilns.com/JenKenPDF/orton_cones_firing.pdf
  9. Kiln Wash Ruining My Work

    More recipes/information can be found in this CAD article from John Britt https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/daily/firing-techniques/salt-firing-and-soda-firing/the-many-layers-of-kiln-wash-how-to-find-the-best-kiln-wash-for-your-firing-temperature-and-methods/
  10. Pkqw: Week 22

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  11. Loaded up a glaze kiln this weekend - eclipse firing tomorrow!

  12. Other alternatives are using Orton's self supporting "SSB" cones that don't require a cone pack or using a manufactured cone plaque http://www.clay-king.com/kiln_supplies/kiln_supplies/pyrometric_cones.html
  13. Pkqw: Week 21

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  14. Just brainstorming here, but did the wheel vibrate the same before you adjusted the pedal?
  15. Thanks Mea. I hadn't thought through that the purchaser wouldn't get a tax write off in this scenario. Can anyone confirm the rules on how much a purchaser is able to claim as a tax write off? I think (but am not sure) that the buyer can claim a charitable contribution for the amount paid in excess of the retail price. However, in the case of artwork, if the artist can only claim their materials it seems like there is an argument that the write off should be for the price the buyer paid in excess of the cost of materials.