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  1. PQotW: Week 30

    Love it when you push us/make us stretch!!!!!!
  2. PQotW: Week 30

    1. 4 2. 4 (and also 2) 3. 3 4. 1
  3. If it inspired you to try something, who cares if it wasn't what you thought it was. Now you get to figure out how to make it!
  4. PQotW: Week 27

    Tough one this week Pres! Several guesses below........ 1. 2 2. 2 3. 3. 4. 4
  5. what is your favorite wax resist?

    Forbes is a great wax resist when applied to bisque clay. It dries fast and is easy to clean up. It can be somewhat hard to see when applied, so it's a good idea to add food coloring to it. However, it's not so good for applying over some glazes - it can peel away and leave a ragged edge. Sometimes thinning it with a little water can help overcome the overglaze issues. Generally though, Mobilcer and Aftosa are much better for overglaze work. I think it this is because they are petroleum based.
  6. PQotW: Week 25

    1. 3 2. 4 3. 2 4. 1
  7. Brent SR 20 pictures

    This might help - here's a link to the manual https://s3.amazonaws.com/amacobrent/section_images/attachments/5353/original_Brent_slab_rollers_manual.pdf?148364584 -SD
  8. Pkqw #24

    1. 3 2. 1 3. 3 4. 4
  9. Pkqw: Week 23

    Judith, You might want to research "Transferware" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transferware
  10. Lee Kang Hyo - Masterclass

    I'd be there in a heartbeat if it weren't for the commute across the pond
  11. New Forum

    The new default view threw me a bit when I first logged in. If you want the forum to look like it did before , then select the "Table View" icon which is in one of the little boxes to the left of the orangey/salmon colored "Start New Topic" rectangle on the home page. I like the flexibility of being able to organize the information in different views for the different ways our minds work! Edited: for additional detail/clarification
  12. Pkqw: Week 23

    1. 3 2. 2 3. 1 4. 2