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  1. What are cone temperatures

    Hi and welcome to the forums. Below is some background information that should be helpful. One of the basic concepts to keep in mind is that cones measure "heat work" not temperature. Heat work is the effect of heat over time and factors influencing heat work include final temperature, the rate at which the temperature increased, and time . Information from Orton on cones and controllers : https://www.ortonceramic.com/files/2676/File/cones_and_controllers.pdf https://www.ortonceramic.com/files/2676/File/cones-and-firing-booklet.pdf (Also recommended by Sputty) Here's a good post on factors influencing bisque "temperature" -SD
  2. This article from the Dec 2017 Ceramics Monthly may interest you. https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramics-monthly/clay-tools/decorating-tools/tips-tools-calligraphy-nib/#
  3. PQotW: Week 34

    Hmmmmmm, best guesses are: 1. 4 2. 3 3. 1 4. 2
  4. Rubber/Silicone Ribs

    My favorite Mudtools polymer ribs shapes/colors are shapes 2 and 3 in green, shapes 0 and 1 in red and the small bowl rib in yellow. Stainless steel rib #2 and the long scraper (no teeth) are my go to's as well. I like and own many other Mudtools, but I never understood the Mudshark tool with the fold away needle. -SD
  5. PQotW: Week 30

    Love it when you push us/make us stretch!!!!!!
  6. PQotW: Week 30

    1. 4 2. 4 (and also 2) 3. 3 4. 1
  7. If it inspired you to try something, who cares if it wasn't what you thought it was. Now you get to figure out how to make it!
  8. PQotW: Week 27

    Tough one this week Pres! Several guesses below........ 1. 2 2. 2 3. 3. 4. 4