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  1. This is the respirator I use. It is available in different sizes to get a proper fit. Comes with P100 cartridges for particulates (e.g. silica) that are designed to have a lower breathing resistance than other cartridges. BTW, I've always had quick service with good pricing from this vendor (Envirosafety Products). https://www.envirosafetyproducts.com/3m-7500-series-half-facepiece-asbestos-abatement-respirator-assembly.html
  2. S. Dean

    Copied Images

    Even supposing the soundness of her reasoning that Google is the arbiter of intellectual property law for all items on the web, I bet she didn't get too many responses for "copywrite" protection. Perhaps she should have consulted a copywriter to help her .......
  3. S. Dean


    +1 for what Neil said..... it amazes me what people want for used wheels, especially ones that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Someone recently wanted $400 for a 30 year old Creative Industries MP that wouldn't come to a complete stop (even after the owner had adjusted the foot pedal and replaced the potentiometer). This line of wheels became unsupported when Speedball purchased CI and the seller was all to well aware of this. A new Shimpo VL Whisper or a Skutt Classic/Legend can be had for less than $1,150 delivered to your house, a Bailey for closer to $1,000, others even less. Plus, you get a full warranty and no more wasted time chasing elusive leads. This isn't to say good deals on used wheels can't be found, you just have to be in a position to be able to wait/jump on them when you see 'em. -SD
  4. S. Dean

    Ceramic Communities

    Alexis, Welcome to our online community. I guess it would be helpful to understand what you mean by a ceramic community and what you are hoping to find. For example, ceramic communities could vary from a rural area like Seagrove, NC that has ~70 working potteries within a 25 mile radius or it could mean an area with several community centers that offer pottery classes and a potters guild such as the Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC) or maybe something else. As Old Lady mentioned, Penland area has a lot of potters as does Asheville, NC. There's also lots of potters around Floyd, VA and the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota. One thing to keep in mind, just because there are a lot of potters in an area, it doesn't necessarily mean that they see each other that much (as they are usually working too hard). You are wise to do your due diligence to make sure it meets all your needs. -SD
  5. S. Dean

    PKQotW #42

    1. 2 2. 1 3. 3 ? 4. 4
  6. When I built a raku kiln many years ago, I used expanded metal (sometimes called expanded mesh) which is made from steel sheets. Looks like Varsteel is close to you and sell it http://www.varsteel.ca/. It can be a challenge for the homeowner to cut so have them cut it to size on their industrial sheers.
  7. S. Dean

    PKQothW 40

    Pres, you're keeping us in suspense on posting the answer
  8. S. Dean

    Advancer Kiln Shelves

    Bailey sells Thermal-Lite shelves which are made in Germany (Advancers from St-Gobain, I can't recall the name of the company that makes Thermal-lites). These shelves are virtually identical to Advancers in materials, thickness, weight and maybe a few bucks cheaper, though still expensive. Just another option if you are considering purchasing Advancers.
  9. If you ever wondered what Mark looks like, crack open your Feb 2018 Ceramics Monthly. Mark is featured in an article where he offers up lessons learned during his career as a potter. Congrats! -SD
  10. S. Dean

    PKQothW 40

    1. 3 2. 3 3. 3 4. 4
  11. S. Dean

    Kick wheel of unknown origin

    Diz, Wish I could help more, but the Randall wheel in the video isn't mine - just something I found on Youtube which I though might be helpful. Hopefully Continental Clay was able to assist you. -SD
  12. S. Dean

    Kick wheel of unknown origin

    To me it looks similar to a Randall wheel, but I think it actually might be another make that I can't identify. That said, here's a youtube video that shows a Randall with its wheel heads (flat and cup for plaster bats) removed. Given their similarity in design, hopefully this is helpful.

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