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  1. Thx Min. That's a huge help!
  2. Hi All. I'm looking to create some transparent glazes to use over a white bodied cone 6 porcelain. I plan to apply it to bisqued pieces and then fire to cone 6. I'd like to start with a store bought transparent clear glaze and just add mason stains to it. I'm planning to use amaco HF 9 zinc free clear, wet not dry. I'm looking for a muted pastel color. To give you a visual, I found this picture online http://cone6pots.ning.com/photo/stains-in-a-cone-low-expansion-transparent-glaze?commentId=2103784:Comment:70497&xg_source=activity I like the tiles labeled 6139, 6364, 6020 and 6007. I know the amount of stain you need to add varies depending on how strong the color is; like cobalt blue versus yellow. But, I'd love some advice on a nice general starting point, I'd like to err on the light side and then add more stain as needed. So ... My question: If you had a cup of clear glaze and wanted to add mason stain to it to get a pastel shade similar to the referenced photo, how much stain would you start with, a teaspoon, a tablespoon??? Thx so much for your help! Sue

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