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  1. What's the best way to clean wax resist off the brushes. It's a real pain trying to get the stuff off when your done. thanks capt don
  2. Twisted Pot Question

    Thanks for all the advice, what I really meant to ask was will the bowl straighten out if I refire it properly supported
  3. I put a large dog bowl in the bottom of the kiln and didn't support the bottom equally, only 2/3 of it and basically half of it was unsupported and now the bowl has a slight twist in it. It was a cone 5 glaze firing. Would it flatten out if I put it back in properly supported during my next glaze firing or would the glaze just mess up from being fired twice? thanks capt don
  4. Thanks for everyone's help. I do wedge the clay well and then put it thru my Baily mini slab roller so it's nicely compressed, I guess I just have so much un-supported area and the clay gets to it's softening point at cone 5 and slumps. I'll try giving it support around the edges and see what happens. I bought a plate similar to the one that I made a couple years ago and always wanted to get around to making one. I can't find any pin marks under the flared sides and it's glazed around the edges and bottom to almost where the flat bottom is, wonder how that person did it without getting the flop.
  5. Glaze Sample Website

    Thanks, that was the one that I was looking for
  6. I was going thru the internet the other day and came across a site that had glazes like the western glaze selection and at the bottom you could get an assortment of 12 small bottles of basically a sample size so I could test them without buying pints and not liking it. Well duh I pulled a dummy and forgot to favorite place the site and can't find it again. Does anyone know the site. Thanks capt don
  7. I made a free form platter with macabee cone 5 clay and bisque it to cone 04, everything fine at this point. I gave it 3 coats of western cone 5 glaze and fired to cone 5. I put a 3 legged stilt with the pins in it that they sold me at the clay place. problem is when I opened the kiln, the glaze was beautiful but the platter essentially flopped. I guess it was from the support in the center of the bottom while sitting on the kiln plate. How do you keep this kind of stuff from happening? If I had not put the stilt under it and just sat it on the shelf with kiln wash on the shelf would it have still flopped? Pic's attached. thanks again for everyone's patience. capt don
  8. Mart, that is an awesome outside texture, how did you achieve it?
  9. I have a glaze that calls for a drip plate, what do most people use for a drip plate? I was going to Lowes and buy a couple red clay dishes like you would put under a garden pot. thanks Capt don
  10. Crack Question

    Thanks for your help everyone. About 2 hours after the kiln cut off, I pulled the side inspection plugs in the kiln but didn't open the top till morning about 10 hours after it cut off. Maybe it cracked on the side near the plugs.
  11. Everyone was so helpful with my last question so maybe I can get some help with this problem. This bowl that cracked was a cone 5 clay bisque fired to cone 04. It was dried for a couple weeks and was bone dry. The bottom is probably 1/4 inch thick with a coil rim around the base and the sides taper up from that thickness at the bottom to very thin at the top. Any idea what I did wrong? thanks
  12. Clay And Glaze Temperatures

    Thanks everyone for your help.
  13. I posted on the other forum but maybe I was in the wrong place. I have a question. I use laguna macabee cone5 clay and fire it to 04 bisque and then glaze and fire to cone 5 and everything is fine. My wife wants to take a couple pieces of my bisque fired cone 5 clay and put a low fire glaze cone 06 on it and fire it to cone 06. I told her I don't think this will work as the clay that is cone 5 is designed for cone5 glazes. I don't think they will adhere, am I correct? I always fire low fire clay with low fire glazes and medium fire clay with medium fire glazes. thanks for any advice. Capt Don
  14. I've got some laguna cone 5 macabee clay, I bisque it to cone 04, everything is fine and I always glaze fire to cone 5. My wife wants to put a low fire glaze on a piece the glaze is cone 06, will it work or due to the fact that the clay is a higher fire than the glaze will it not absorb or flow correctly? I always use low fire glazes on low fire clays and medium glazes on medium clay. thanks. Capt Don