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  1. I started College when I was 49, and will soon be turning 51. I took ceramics the first year, and enjoyed it, but didn't like the wheel much. I took Ceramics II and we had the choice to either hand build or use the wheel. I challenged myself to the wheel, and regretted it right off as I spent hours just trying to figure out the centering. I have progressed nicely and threw around 50 pots in class. I enjoyed it so much I bought an old kick wheel, which I have used for one pot so far. It sits in my yard and I love love love sitting there. I'm going for my AFA in Fine Arts and Ceramics was not really on my radar as a direction until this semester. I have fallen in love with the wheel. My Ceramics Professor has mentioned this site many times in class and encouraged me to sign up. I'm finally getting that done! I look forward to learning more about the glazes and other techniques. I'm proof positive that you can teach an old dog new tricks! My current worry is how to fire my pots. I have throwing clay left over from class to use on my wheel, but no kiln. I've been looking at pit firing techniques, since I do have the ability to have a little pit fire. Any suggestions would be very welcome.