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  1. Hello all! I need some clarification on kiln firings & a little help identifying some glaze problems. So first, I've been taking classes at a community center. I have ceramics/pottery background but I don't know it all when it comes to firing a kiln. I know the basics and I've loaded/fired bisuqe kilns and low/mid fire glaze kilns [it's been a couple of years though]. My issue/question here is: I've noticed that some greenware has been loaded into a low fire glaze kiln [cone 05 I believe]. Is this okay to do? I have never seen it done before & just wanted to make sure it wouldn't jepodize the integrity of the work. Also, there has been issues with glaze crawling and peeling all over peoples work. Does this sound like a dust issue? I've never had issues with dust before so this is a new concept to me. I'll have to post a picture later. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I have just graduated college & I spent my time here as a cermaics student. My family is talking about a graduation gift & have suggested a kiln. I'm excited & want to get as much information & helpful hints as possible from people with experience. So here's the deal ... I work mostly in porcelain & some stoneware. I'm thinking that oxidation will be the best bet for me now & I'll need to experiment with it now. I'm wondering which kilns are best for that & which glazes/companies make good oxidation glazes? Also ... I'm thinking to get a shed for it to keep in the backyard. Does that sound like a plausable idea? Thanks for any help you can give me!

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