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  1. thanks a lot Again the containers, both the brown and the grey ones, are raw claybodies. The brown clay is taking alot of its 'glow' from the glaze that has been 'sweating' on them. The grey clay doesn't seem to change that much..
  2. Thanks for your interest in my work Its a ceramic glaze that I developed - and I fire somewhere between 1190 celcius up to 1300 degrees celcius- its all a matter of viscosity, size of holes in the containers, kiln size etc. My coming experiments is trying to find a high viscous, low fired, glaze so I can do this at lower temperatures. And yes, I've also heard from glass people that this technique is well known in the glass world I also tried with real glass in a ceramic container - looks wicked! - you can see more pics at my facebook page - like if you like www.facebook.com/csckeramik

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